How To Wish Wisely On Your Writing Journey

Photo by ba1969

Photo by ba1969

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to have everything going for them? It’s almost as if they have golden wishes. All they have to do is wish for something amazing and it is theirs.

A contest win, an agent, a contract . . .

The list goes on and on. We see them sit in the golden glow of realized wishes and get just a wee bit jealous. Okay, maybe you are better than me, but once and a while I get taken in by the green-eyed monster, jealousy.

I long for all those things that others seem to have with the snap of a finger.

BUT, things aren’t always as they seem. Let’s look to some angry piggies for some wisdom.

How To Wish Wisely On Your Writing Journey:

1. Think of what you wish for. When the piggies first approach the well they are thinking, looking inside the well and speaking. They are considering the possibilities. Notice that nothing really happens except they hear the echo of the well.

For the writer, this might be the stage where you dream of being a best-selling author, but you really haven’t done anything besides dream.

2. Put something into your wishes. The third pig that happens along recognizes something important. He has put some pre-planning into his wishes and brings something along to help the process.

A wisely wishing writer recognizes there is some planning before dreams come true. Books on craft are read, practice is put in and writing must happen. There is a finished manuscript you bring to the well.

Great resources for writers can be found during this stage at:

My Book Therapy  / Learn How To Write A Novel

American Christian Fiction Writers

The Write Conversation

3. Wish Wisely! Once the piggy with the apples leaves, we see one of the others drop a hammer into the well. Was that ever a bad idea.

Writers must make sure that their manuscript is polished. You throw the wrong thing in the well and you won’t like how it turns out.

Also, recognize that you can wish for more than you are ready to handle. The apples were just in the right amount. Notice the glut of hammers and piggies that fell at the end? They were wishing for more than they could handle.

What do you do to help your wishes turn out for the best?



Music Mondays – Music For A Variety Of Scene Settings Or Moods

photo by Mart1n

photo by Mart1n

Whether I’m reading or writing, sometimes I’m just in the mood for music that sets a tone. It reminds me of some of the greatest movie soundtracks and how we are all on the edge of our seats due to the composer’s brilliance.

Today I’m mixing it up with a bit of instrumental music I am planning to use this week for my writing. I’m not sure which one I like best, but by the end of the week I will probably have a favorite.

Morning in the Country:

Morning in the Ctiy:

Music For Action Or Chaos:

Music With The Feeling Of Another World /Outer Space:

Music Building Up To Crescendo: 

Which of the songs is your favorite?

Super Sleuth Wednesday: Photo Bombed


We live in the selfie age. The duck face age. The stay fierce age. Social media has not only created more ways to commit crime, but also to solve crime. Jimmy Fallon does a series of cool photo bombs where celebrities jump into a picture without the group knowing. But what we have here is a not a photo bomb…but a photo BOMB. A photo backfire.

For example, a young man robbed a church in southern California looting a laptop, watch, money, phone and wallet. I’m not really sure why someone took his watch off in church…unless this guy found it on the baptistry ledge. I dunno.

Guess how they caught the thief and note it in the comments. Whoever has the most right answers at the end of the month wins a book! The answer will be posted on FAN FRIDAY!

A: FACEBOOK–the thief’s girlfriend posted a selfie with him making the ‘stay fierce’ sign and he was wearing the stolen watch. Detectives investigating him for another robbery discovered the picture and made the arrest.

B: SELFIES– the thief took a selfie while commiting the crime and left his phone by accident in the church. Detectives found the phone and used the photo to identify and catch him.

c: TEXT–the thief texted a selfie (inside the church) to his friend on the stolen phone, but the owner of the phone had set it up to send all pictures straight to his iCloud. When he found the photo of the thief he took it to the police station and the detectives used it to catch the thief.


Know Your Genre: Craft Tuesday

by Jill Kemerer

Writers today have opportunities previous generations never had. The ability to self-publish books has allowed writers the freedom to write books their way. In the past, an aspiring author needed to sign with an agent in order to get published, and to get an agent, the writer had to be able to categorize her book in a recognizable genre.




It’s still important for writers to know the genre they write. Why? We don’t want to let our readers down. If we don’t know the ins and outs of the genre we write, we basically risk alienating our readers. Nowadays authors are forced to heavily promote their books, so it’s good business to give readers reasons to keep buying them.

In order to respect your genre, you first need to know what it is. A thorough, excellent article on fiction genres is “A Breakdown of the Fiction Genres: Defining Genre Part 2” from The Editor’s Blog (see citation at end of post).

But, Jill, my book features elements of several genres. How do I know which genre it is? 

I’ve heard this refrain from many writers over the years. Say your story centers on a divorced woman opening a restaurant and caring for her elderly grandmother. Hottie McGee shows up. Werewolves are involved.

Is this a paranormal romance? It depends. Is the main story about the woman and Hottie McGee falling in love? And they’re fighting werewolves in the process? Then, yes, it’s a paranormal romance.

What if the main story is really about the woman overcoming her powerlessness after her divorce? She does this by opening a restaurant, fighting werewolves and falling in love along the way. Then the genre would be classified as women’s fiction with romantic and paranormal elements.

You’ll have to analyze your story to figure out the heart of it. I recommend reading best-selling books in the genres you think you’re writing to get a feel of what readers want. And, remember, there are genre-specific elements readers must have. For instance, I write inspirational romance. My books focus on a man and woman falling in love, and the story also has a faith element. Without the emphasis on love and faith, my readers will be disappointed.

Do you have a question or tip about genres?

Have a terrific day!!

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Citation: Hill, E. A. “A Breakdown of the Fiction Genres: Defining Genre Part 2”.  The Editor’s Blog. October 29, 2012.  March 23, 2015

I Love You Forever – The Sweetest of Love Stories

1369999_29302704Love does crazy things to people. It makes them sky dive when they are afraid of heights, makes them drive hours to see someone, makes them give up life-changing opportunities and hire airplane messages in the sky.

Have you ever been crazy for love?

When my husband and I were dating he was incredibly sweet. One of my favorite surprises was roses in my mailbox.

One day as he was buying flowers a florist told him the sweetest story of love. Today I share that with you.

There was a young couple very much in love. They went through many struggles together and often didn’t have a lot of money, but every year the husband bought his wife a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day.

The years passed and still the man hadn’t missed a single Valentine’s day. Red Roses for the love of his life. As time does, it passed to quickly and the couple entered their senior years.

They didn’t waste a single moment, knowing that time held no certainty. Each moment captured their love in photo albums and stories. Finally one day the husband passed away.

The wife was lonely. Devestated. Her grief was compounded by the coming Valentine’s Day, a day that had always been so special to the both of them.

The day dawned way too sunny, as if it didn’t know that he was gone. She stared out the window wishing the day away when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting company.

When she opened the door, the florist handed her a bouquet of a dozen red roses. The note simply said, “I Love You.” signed by her husband. Her eyes clouded with tears. Just like the sweet man she married, he had thought of her first Valentine’s Day without him.

My husband told the florist, “What an absolutely beautiful story.”

The florist told him, that was not the best part. You see the husband did not just get her flowers for the year of his death, but every year until hers she was to receive a twelve red rose bouquet. He paid for it and made the arrangements before he died, so that even when he was gone she wouldn’t feel completely alone.

What is one of the sweetest things your spouse or love has done for you?

Super Sleuth Wednesday – Bragging Criminals

photo by hisks

photo by hisks

Several days before Christmas, two white males entered a local Wisconsin Target store. Perhaps they were looking to score some holiday gifts at the five-finger discount. Or maybe they were just out for a thrill. Either way, the shoplifters made off with an armload full of DVDs and video games.

Later they bragged about how easy it was to get away with the loot and how stupid other shoplifters were for getting caught. After all, they’d made it out of the story without so much as a chase.

But it turns out they were the stupid ones. Shortly after bragging about their criminal skills, they were both arrested for the theft. How did they get caught?

  1. The two would-be felons recounted their criminal success to a friend, who turned them in. The friend, jealous that he wasn’t included in the outing, called the police. If he wasn’t happy, then no one was going to be happy.
  2. The two shoplifters took their loot to a small diner. While talking loudly about the theft, they realized that the restaurant was a favorite of the local police, and several uniformed officers heard everything they said. The pair were promptly arrested.
  3. One of the criminals pocket-dialed 911 following the crime. Still high on their successful crime, the pair lauded each other while a 911 dispatcher heard the whole thing. Tracking the cell phone number, the police were able to locate and arrest the criminals.

How do you think they got caught?

Leave your guess in the comments section. Maybe you’ll be this month’s Super Sleuth.

Monday Music – Emotional Tug In Words

Photo by ilco

Photo by ilco

Music has the power to tug our heartstrings, remind us of truth and even bring joy. Whether you read or write to music, sometimes it adds beauty to our words when we listen to something that reminds us of the truth our characters are learning to embrace.

There are so many emotions in the human experience of everyday life and we forget to add them into our stories. Today I focused on some of these emotions to share music that can bring out the truths that go with the emotion.

May it put you in a better place to write and read some emotions, embracing them completely.


We Have Each Other- You’re Not Alone:

Struggling With God’s Response To Our Suffering:

Grief / Missing A Loved One:

Feeling Down And Out:

Choosing God Over The Temptations Of This World:

Knocked Down, But Not Out:

What are some of your favorite songs for feeling the moments of life?