Super Sleuth Solution: Catching BTK

kidnapped-1420979-639x852Welcome Back Super Sleuths! For those of you following this week’s cold case of BTK that was solved many years later, let’s check out your answers.

Let’s Recap:

The location is Wichita, Kansas. The timeline is 1974-1991. A killer was on the loose that killed more than 10 victims during this 18 year span.  Fifteen years had come and gone since his first murder. The BTK killer was no technological slouch.

The public was in a panic. The case had grown cold, but with the same anguish the ruthless deaths weighed on the conscious  Then something unexpected happened in 2006 that gave the police the break they had been looking for.

What break in the case allowed the Police to catch the culprit?

The correct answer is:

D. They traced evidence of his location from a floppy disc and verified his identity from comparing a group of handwritten letters to his handwriting.

If you’d like to read more about how they nabbed this killer, you can find more details here. 

Thanks for joining in our super sleuth challenge! Next week stop back for another chance to check your super sleuthing talents.

What is the craziest mystery case you’ve read about?

Super Sleuth Wednesday: TellTale Sign

What exactly was our criminal trying to steal from a Lowe’s store? We don’t know the answer to that. Of all the place to rip off, I’m not sure why anyone would choose Lowe’s? The thief was male so maybe that’s why I can’t understand. Men. Tools. Home Repair.


But the attempted theft went awry. He was caught with his hands in the nuts & bolts jar. He fled the scene of course. And was caught by police. How? What was the telltale sign that this guy was the culprit?

A. He fled the store, jumped a fence and landed right in the middle of a group of women holding a baby shower. PS It was twins!

B. He fled the store, jumped a fence and landed smack dab in the middle of a nudist right in the middle of a nudist Spa & Resort. PS They frowned upon his pants.

C. He fled the store, jumped a fenced and landed squarely in the middle of a  group of die-hard Star Wars party  (at least 4 dressed like Chewbaca alone), celebrating the release of The Force Awakens. PS They did not invite him to participate in their movie marathon.

So what’s your guess? Which telltale sign tipped off the police this guy was out of place!

photocredit: freedigitalphotos/StuartMiles

Super Sleuth – He’s got a what?

Before we dive into today’s Super Sleuth Challenge, did you guess the correct answer to last week’s?

On Friday evening, a burglar and an accomplice allegedly broke into a home and made away with money, jewelry and a gun.

But the suspects’ plan hit a snag when:

3. One of the burglars accidently butt-called 911 during the robbery and the police dispatcher overheard them talking about the robbery and where  to sell the stolen merchandise

You can read about the ordeal here., photo by Julia Borysewicz, photo by Julia Borysewicz

Now for this week’s challenge. In Washington state a young man wrecked his car into a large rock in the front yard of a house. Witnesses say that the driver wasn’t injured and jumped out of the car and began to run away. But before he got very far, he turned around and ran back to the car. After picking up what he’d left behind, he took off again.

But bystanders were able to give the police a good description of the young man and what he was carrying. So the police quickly tracked him down and arrested him for leaving the scene of an accident. They called his mom to pick up the item he’d gone back for. What do you think it was?

  1. A monkey, which he carried on his back.
  2. A potted palm tree, which he could barely lift.
  3. A toad, which was in a giant aquarium.

Leave your guess in the comments below. Good luck!

Burglary Doesn’t Pay

ID-10061672Welcome to another Super Sleuth Challenge. But first let’s review last week’s Challenge:

In September 1961, the mother of a daughter was at her home in British Columbia. She was not seen the next day. Or the next. Or for the next 52 years.

For one reason or another, she was not reported missing until four years later. Obviously, this raised questions, and suspicion fell on her husband. Police even dug up the husband’s backyard in search of a body, but they found nothing. Decades passed, Marvin died, and there seemed no hope of solving the case. Then police got a break and the disappearance was solved.

What do you think happened?

  1. Marvin killed her, and detectives found his journal that detailed how he’d gotten away with murder.
  2. The mother was found alive and well, and had run away because Marvin abused her.
  3. Marvin had hired two men to kidnap and murder his wife when she threatened to leave with the daughter. One gave a deathbed confession.

And the answer is….#2. Read the rest of the story here.

Now for this week’s Challenge:

On Friday evening, a burglar and an accomplice allegedly broke into a home and made away with money, jewelry and a gun.

But the suspects’ plan hit a snag when:

  1. The burglars tried to sell the jewelry at a pawn shop owned by the man they robbed.
  2. The burglars put the gun up for sale on Craig’s List and an undercover cop answered the ad and arrested the two when he compared the serial number against a list of stolen guns.
  3. One of the burglars accidently butt-called 911 during the robbery and the police dispatcher overheard them talking about the robbery and where  to sell the stolen merchandise.

All right Super Sleuths, which one is it? Check back next week for the answer.

Another Super Sleuth Challenge



photo by ctechs

photo by ctechs

Answer to yesterday’s Stupid Criminal question from my blog …but first, the question: The burglar broke through the business’s back door and made off with a laptop, a cash register, $35 cash, two KISS action figures, and Pokemon cards. But he made one mistake. He left his cell phone behind with his own picture as the screen saver–as the store owner said, “Not only do you leave your cell phone behind, but you have a picture of yourself flexing like, ‘This is my background picture because I’m all that.’ It’s like, ‘You’re all that headed to jail.'” Read more about the crime here.


Now for last week’s Super Sleuth answer…but the question first:

A thief decided to help himself to some items in the trunk of someone else’s car. Unfortunately, he was caught. Which scenario do you believe happened?

  1. He tried to sell the goods on the street and the owner of the car was his second customer who called the police.
  2. While he was rummaging around in the trunk, it slammed down, locking him in. When he was heard yelling and banging, the police were called and he was arrested.
  3. He broke into an unmarked police car, setting off the alarm and the detective rushed out of the house and arrested him.

It’s #2. While he was rummaging around in the trunk, it slammed down, locking him in. When he was heard yelling and banging, the police were called and he was arrested.

Once they got him out the man tried to say that he had been hit on the head and stuffed inside the car trunk. However, with him he had stolen items from another vehicle he had broken into. Read More

Now for this week’s Super Sleuth: Two men were arrested for hauling 20 pounds of marijuana from Las Vegas to Montana. Was it because:

  1. They were speeding. When a highway patrolman pulled them over, he ran the tag and discovered the car was stolen. The cop found the marijuana when he searched the car.
  2. They got high off the pot they were carrying and believed, incorrectly, that undercover cops were following them. One of the crooks called 911 and told them to call off their hunt. The dispatcher was able to find their location through cell towers.
  3. They stopped at a truck stop to eat and tried to sell some of the marijuana to an undercover cop.

So, which is it? Leave your answer in the comment box, and next Tuesday check my blog and see if you were right! There will be another Super Sleuth waiting for you there.


Super Sleuth Wednesday:Stealing Baby Jesus

Good morning everyone! Christmas is nigh! Yep, I said nigh. It just came to me. Okay, enough about nigh. In my Christmas novella, Hope Under Mistletoe, the Baby Jesus is stolen from the church’s outdoor nativity scene.

So that got me thinkin’ about real crimes against the swaddled Babe. Turns out hundreds of Baby Jesus dolls are stolen every year at Christmas time.

One church in Florida had enough. Their ceramic figurine was made in Italy and valued at $1800! Whoa. But they got it back. The question is: How?

You decide.

A: When a few local churches began to buzz about their own figurines being stolen, this church installed security cameras and discovered it was a group of teenage girls who’d been dared. One of the girls was a member of the church and publicly apologized on a Sunday morning. The congregation forgave her and two of her friends made the walk to the altar, giving their hearts to Jesus.

B: The son of one of the deacons who knew the value of the ceramic figurine got together two of his buddies and they took the Baby Jesus. They posted it on Craig’s List, and his mother’s best friend–who happened to be looking for a new  Baby Jesus to replace a stolen one from her congregation bought it! Imagine her surprise when he showed up at the meet spot.

C: Knowing the cost of the figurine, this local church got savvy and installed a GPS system to Baby Jesus. Once it had been realized He was gone, they called the local authorities, and it was found. Since then, many churches have installed GPS systems on their nativity members.

Give it a guess! Whoever has most wins in the month wins a free book. Wondering about last week’s answer? The answer is 2. The unlucky criminal was caught because during the interview, she took a phone call and explained in French to the person on the other end of the line that it was a scam. She didn’t expect that the detective also spoke French. Ha!

May you have a Christmas that is merry and bright!


Super Sleuth Solution – Dead Air


photo by martwork

Wondering who killed the radio star? As you’ll remember from Wednesday’s Super Sleuth Challenge, in 2006 a Denver-area DJ and radio personality was killed and found in the waters near Santa Catalina Island. So who murdered him?

The correct answer is:

3. The DJ’s roommate, who had been swindling money from the inheritance left to the DJ by his father. The roommate pretended to be an investment banker, but was in reality, skimming money out of the DJ’s accounts. The two went to a marina, intending to go sailing, but the DJ wasn’t seen alive again.

Hope you guessed the right answer. Swing by next Wednesday for another challenge!