Super Sleuth Solution: Catching BTK

kidnapped-1420979-639x852Welcome Back Super Sleuths! For those of you following this week’s cold case of BTK that was solved many years later, let’s check out your answers.

Let’s Recap:

The location is Wichita, Kansas. The timeline is 1974-1991. A killer was on the loose that killed more than 10 victims during this 18 year span.  Fifteen years had come and gone since his first murder. The BTK killer was no technological slouch.

The public was in a panic. The case had grown cold, but with the same anguish the ruthless deaths weighed on the conscious  Then something unexpected happened in 2006 that gave the police the break they had been looking for.

What break in the case allowed the Police to catch the culprit?

The correct answer is:

D. They traced evidence of his location from a floppy disc and verified his identity from comparing a group of handwritten letters to his handwriting.

If you’d like to read more about how they nabbed this killer, you can find more details here. 

Thanks for joining in our super sleuth challenge! Next week stop back for another chance to check your super sleuthing talents.

What is the craziest mystery case you’ve read about?

Wednesday Super Sleuth Challenge – Beachside Disappearance

Photo by code1name

Photo by code1name

The answer to last week’s Super Sleuth is B. The man was lying and was caught because when the police went to his home, the roll of toilet paper in his bathroom matched the paper the note was written on. They even found the imprint of the note on it. To read more go to:


Welcome Super Sleuths! We are doubling the challenge. For those of you who entered our sleuthing contest last month by guessing the answers, your answers will continue to be tabulated and we will have a Grand Super Sleuth for the months of February and March combined.

If you are new to sleuthing, you still have a chance to win by guessing the answers to this month’s Super Sleuth Challenges.

Double the challenge means double the prize. I will announce the prizes with the answer to this week’s Super Sleuth Challenge.

Let’s try another Super Sleuth Challenge. Are you up to the task?

Today’s challenge is a cold case. You must decide where this unsolved mystery occurred. For the fun of it, share with us what you think really happened.

The year is 1966. At 10 am three children ages 9, 7 and 4 hopped a bus to go to the beach at a beach resort five minutes from their house. They were expected to return home by 2pm and given enough money for bus fare and lunch.

Hours later they never returned home. Witnesses saw them at the beach with a tall, thin blonde man.

The oldest child was seen buying food at the beach vendor, but they didn’t leave home with the amount of money they spent. One of the purchases was a meat pie which the children had never purchased before.

A mail carrier who knew the children claimed to see them walking in the direction of their house several hours later, but they never reached home.

Where did this tragic cold case occur?

A. Australia

B. Netherlands

C. Italy

D. Philippines

Wednesday Super Sleuth Challenge – Cold Case

photo by osmar01

photo by osmar01

I have a penchant for the TV show Cold Case. If you haven’t seen it, it follows the careers and cases of a homicide squad, which specializes in solving crimes that couldn’t be solved. I love seeing justice served, even after friends and family have given up. It gives me hope. So, today, I’m sharing about a real cold case from the 1950s.

Little Maria was just seven in 1957 when she was playing in the snow with her friend Kathy. While Kathy ran home to grab her mittens, she left Maria playing with a teenage boy, who had been giving them piggyback rides. Maria vanished that day, and her body was found months later in the woods more than 100 miles from the place she was last seen.

More than fifty years later, that teenage boy, who Kathy could only identify as Johnny, was convicted for Maria’s murder.

So how did they catch him?

(Post your letter choice in the comments.)

A. A photograph of the killer was discovered. When a man was cleaning out his dad’s basement, he found a picture of Maria with a young man. He remembered the date written on the back of the picture and passed it along to the police, who identified the teen as her killer.

B. The FBI never gave up. The small-town kidnapping and murder haunted the FBI agent who worked the case. Even after his retirement, he turned over every clue and followed every lead in the case until he identified the killer.

C. A deathbed confession. The killer’s mom confessed on her deathbed to her daughter that she’d lied about her son’s alibi. The daughter revealed everything to the police.

Stay tuned next Wednesday to find out the right answer and join our next super sleuth challenge. Each month the sleuth with the most answers will be the winner of one of the latest Christian Romantic Suspense Novels.

Which of these answers do you think is the truth?

Wednesday Super Sleuth Challenge – Cold Case Solved

Photo by Gastonmag

Photo by Gastonmag

Happy Wednesday Super Sleuths! Today’s Super Sleuth Challenge is a recently solved murder that remained a cold case for 15 years before the true perpetrator was discovered.

To be entered in the Monthly Super Sleuth Challenge leave a comment with your best guess for the answer to the question below. At the end of the month, the sleuth with the most correct answers will be our winner.

Our Case:

The murder took place on Christmas Eve, 1998. A man and woman were killed in their apartment. The young couple worked at a glass factory. They were in love and planning to spend their life together. Their family discovered them when they didn’t show up for holiday festivities.

Drugs and cash were found at the scene, but no motive was forthcoming. Now the Police have a suspect who they believe is guilty of the crime. He is serving time in California for a violent home invasion.

How was the suspect identified?

A. A single drop of blood found at the scene did not match the victims’. With new DNA tests, law enforcement officials were able to match the DNA to the criminal database, identifying the killer.

B. Fingerprint analysis on the skin of the victim allowed law enforcement officials to match the fingerprints to the criminal database, identifying the killer.

C. Handwriting analysis on a napkin left at the scene allowed law enforcement officials to match the handwriting to a sample of the original suspects in the case.

D. Striations on the bullets used in the crime allowed law enforcement officials to link the weapon to that used in another crime where the criminal was convicted.

E. The killer’s MO of both crimes was identical, even down to the business card left at the scene, allowing officials to match the suspect to the crime.

How do you think the suspect was identified?

Wednesday Super Sleuth Challenge – Can You Solve A Cold Case

Photo by ornicar69

Photo by ornicar69

Good morning, Super Sleuths! Are you up for another challenge? Today we will be looking at a cold case that was solved many years later. It is your job to detect which of the tales is true.

Remember, those with the correct answer will be adding their totals to the Super Sleuth Challenge of the Month Winnings: A $10 Amazon Gift Card and Dani Pettrey’s new book Silenced.

The year is 1985. A couple were spending the evening together at home. They had been married for two years. In the middle of the night a man that had previously raped the wife tracked them down, broke into their house, and in the process of a robbery gone bad, shot and killed the husband.

Police believed they had a suspect, but were unable to bring charges because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict them of murder.

The wife’s description of the man who robbed them was a barefoot homeless man that did the dead and then disappeared into the night.

Which of the following do you think is true:

*The man had been stalking the wife for some time. After raping her, he let her go to continue with his fantasies knowing she couldn’t identify him. He grew jealous of her husband and wanted her all to himself. He broke in and shot her husband.

*The husband’s mistress had a brother that was angry about her indiscretions because it was in opposition to the family’s religious beliefs. He broke in and killed only the husband because he wanted to break the chain of wickedness.

*The wife was having an affair and that man broke into the house and shot her husband. To cover for him, the wife made up the story of the barefoot homeless man to get the police looking in other directions.

*The wife faked the whole thing and shot her husband herself. She had been married multiple times and didn’t love her husband. Instead of divorcing, she decided a bullet was the way to get out of her troubles.

So Super Sleuths, which resolution to the case do you think is true?

Super Sleuth Challenge Monday Edition – A Kidnapper’s Rock Solid Alibi

Photo by nokomai

Photo by nokomai

During the month of March we have had less Super Sleuth Challenges than usual, so I thought I’d wrap up this last day of the month with a special challenge just for you.

Wednesday I will announce the Super Sleuth of the Month, so polish up your sleuthing skills and solve the crime.

One of the Oldest Cold Cases Ever Solved:

The year is 1957. A seven-year-old girl is playing in her yard with her friend during the first snowfall of the year. A stranger approached and offered piggy-back rides. The seven-year-old accepted. Her friend ran home to get her mittens and when she returned the seven-year-old was gone.

A national manhunt ensued with hopes of finding the young girl alive. Despite all efforts, her body is found four months later 120 miles from home in a farm field.

There was a person of interest in the crime who showed the traits expected of such a killer, trouble was he had a rock solid alibi. He was in another town enlisting in the air force and getting the required physical. Additionally, several witnesses came forward to corroborate his story.

Hitting a dead end in the investigation, the case went cold. By the time the truth caught up with the killer he was a decorated war hero and had even served as a Police Officer at one time.

Which of the following Clues put him behind bars for the rest of his life?

A.  An unused train ticket that had provided his alibi

B.   A criminal line-up

C.   His mother’s deathbed confession

D.   An old girlfriend’s mistake during an interview.

E.  All of the above

Check back Wednesday for the answer and the announcement of the official winner of March’s Super Sleuth of the Month. The winner will be awarded a romantic suspense novel and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

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