What’s Your Brand of Crazy? – Funny Side of Life with Author Michelle Lim

Photo by Angelique Gerber

Photo by Angelique Gerber

Fridays on thoughtsonplot are taking a whole new twist. Here is what you can expect:

*Week One Funny Side of Life – A dash of fun, or humor to brighten your day.

*Week Two  Where in the World Is. . . – Pictures from our readers in a recognizable location reading a book (send them to: michelle.linn.lim@gmail.com with subject Where in the World Picture). Then all of you sleuthy types out there, or geography buffs can help figure out where the picture was taken. The selected person will also get a shout out to their inspirational fiction book page on Amazon of the book they are reading in the photo.

*Week Three My Space/My World – Tips for doing life like recipes, organization tips, Mom life, etc.

*Week Four Fan Friday – Special Guest Authors or Industry Experts in a variety of professions.

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Now on to the Funny Side of Life.

A friend of mine sent me this quote this week:


I laughed at that one. I totally get it.

I do have my own specific kind of crazy, but what is it exactly? 

Is it the fact that I don’t like to put on lotion, I eat peas in my spaghetti, I drink Mt. Dew instead of coffee, and I hate it when raw meat touches my other foods at the grocery store?

Or, could it be I sing Christmas carols in July, I hate hot dogs, I love to fish, and I speak to imaginary characters as a full grown adult?

Yeah, I have my own specific kind of crazy.

What’s Your Brand of Crazy?