How To Create A Great Romantic Gesture


Photo by Katy Wolfer

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I am beginning to think about romance. Sweet moments from my past. Creating new romantic memories.

The movies have the most amazing romance moments, but it so hard to duplicate in real life. Maybe we can get a few tips from them to learn how to create a great romantic gesture of our own.

If you are looking for a way to make a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day romantic gesture, here are a few tips to creating that perfect moment.

How To Create A Great Romantic Gesture with Tips from the Movies:

From 10 Things I Hate About You:

  1. Be Vulnerable or Take a Risk – The character sings in front of a whole stadium of people. There is a great risk of rejection.
  2. Go Big, Or Go Home- It doesn’t have to be expensive to be big, but must show significant effort to be big.

From Love Actually:

  1. Prepare For Flaws – If you are not great with words, plan for your own flaw by being creative. Mark in this clip says the most important part of the message with signs.
  2. Create Smiles – Humor can be a great element to the romantic moment if it is a special part of your relationship and what draws you together. Notice the two humorous moments on the signs.

From While You Were Sleeping:

  1. Element of Surprise- An unexpected moment of romance brings a sudden rush of joy. The contrast of the unexpected romance with the mundane makes it that much more special.
  2. Create the Perfect Setting- For Annie, she is completely without family. She doesn’t want to be alone. Jack bringing his family with to the proposal is actually very special to her because she is gaining a whole family. He listened to her heartache and gave her something she had always dreamed of.

From The Titanic:

  1. Sacrifice Something- Whether it is something you love or even in this case, your life, sacrifice is a huge gesture of love.

What is your favorite romantic gesture from a book or movie?


Shipwrecked: Avoiding The Author’s Sinking Ship

The Titanic has captured people’s attention for years. What an amazingly tragic loss that could have been prevented. All those people were lost because experts believed the ship was unsinkable.

Truth is, nothing is unsinkable. Not ships, not careers and not people.

How can you avoid a sinking ship as an author? Be faithful to your devotional time with God. Surround yourself with the people who help keep you afloat.

People Authors Need To Avoid Sinking In The Writer’s Life:

Encouragers: People who believe in you and cheer you on. They come along and lift you up when you struggle and praise your successes.

Truth Speakers: People who will be real with you, even if what they have to say is tough to hear. They provide an extra compass of conscience that keeps you from straying off the path.

 Journeyers: People who travel the writing path with you. You are learning and growing in your craft together. You support each other’s success and give honest feedback.

Mentors: Writers with much more experience than yourself. Someone you look up to as a source of inspiration and challenge.

Experts:  Writing, life and marketing experts that can guide you through your journey once you reach the place of publication.

Cliff Whisperers: The people who talk you off the edge of the cliff when you are ready to give up.

 Pancake Brigade: They scrape you off the pavement when you’ve been flatten by failure or life’s challenges. Often this crew is also the people who pray for you.

Accountant: This person holds you accountable for your goals and spiritual growth. They are also truth speakers, but they let you know when you are off track.

 Think of the people that you surround yourself with every day. In your circle do you have at least one person for each category? If not, it’s time to look. In the case of the Titanic there weren’t enough Truth Speakers or outside experts to avoid tragedy.

The Titanic took several hours to sink. Shipwreck doesn’t come over night. It happens one small bit at a time.

If you look at those in history who have major failings, often they surrounded themselves with people who agreed with them always or didn’t have the expertise to guide them.

The Wisdom of Proverbs tells us that ‘faithful and just are the wounds of a friend.’ Guard yourself against shipwreck professionally and personally.

Take out a piece of paper and write each title. Next to it, write the name of the friend that fills that role in your life. Look for holes and fill them by reaching out to others.

Who do you have in your life that fills one of these Roles? Give a shout out to thank them in your comments below.

*Thank you to Lisa Jordan. She is the best Cliff Whisperer and also fills many of the roles I listed above. My writing journey would not be the same without you!