How To Create A Great Romantic Gesture


Photo by Katy Wolfer

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I am beginning to think about romance. Sweet moments from my past. Creating new romantic memories.

The movies have the most amazing romance moments, but it so hard to duplicate in real life. Maybe we can get a few tips from them to learn how to create a great romantic gesture of our own.

If you are looking for a way to make a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day romantic gesture, here are a few tips to creating that perfect moment.

How To Create A Great Romantic Gesture with Tips from the Movies:

From 10 Things I Hate About You:

  1. Be Vulnerable or Take a Risk – The character sings in front of a whole stadium of people. There is a great risk of rejection.
  2. Go Big, Or Go Home- It doesn’t have to be expensive to be big, but must show significant effort to be big.

From Love Actually:

  1. Prepare For Flaws – If you are not great with words, plan for your own flaw by being creative. Mark in this clip says the most important part of the message with signs.
  2. Create Smiles – Humor can be a great element to the romantic moment if it is a special part of your relationship and what draws you together. Notice the two humorous moments on the signs.

From While You Were Sleeping:

  1. Element of Surprise- An unexpected moment of romance brings a sudden rush of joy. The contrast of the unexpected romance with the mundane makes it that much more special.
  2. Create the Perfect Setting- For Annie, she is completely without family. She doesn’t want to be alone. Jack bringing his family with to the proposal is actually very special to her because she is gaining a whole family. He listened to her heartache and gave her something she had always dreamed of.

From The Titanic:

  1. Sacrifice Something- Whether it is something you love or even in this case, your life, sacrifice is a huge gesture of love.

What is your favorite romantic gesture from a book or movie?


Melt Your Heart Type Moments – 4 Tips To Melting Your Reader’s Heart

There are some moments that melt our hearts. Like the time when my four year old looked up at me and said, “Mommy, you’re the biggest Mommy in the whole world.”

To a four year old, bigger is better. I’d just gotten the best compliment of my life and he gave me hug to seal the deal. Take about melting your heart. My little guy had just done that very thing.

Our readers love the melt your heart moments, too. If we create those moments in our books, we make our readers want to read our novels again and again.

4 Tips To Melting Your Reader’s Heart:

1.  Have one character make a grand expression of their emotions with no response from the other for an extended period of time. Then Have the other party reciprocate with few but tender words. The quiet of the other individual is extremely important to building the tension and then we just want her to say something, anything. Here is an example:

2. Have the character do something they normally wouldn’t do to show their love. An act of craziness of sorts. Here is an example:

3.  Have the character struggle to express themselves. Don’t let the other character make it easy on them. Make a fool of themselves for love.

4. Have the character make a grand gesture of sacrifice to show their ultimate love for the other one.

What are your favorite romantic movie moments of all time?