Super Sleuth Wednesday-Can We Get Any Dumber

man-40134_1280Hello, Super Sleuths! Can you believe we are into December?? I have no idea where the year has gone. So let’s get right to this week’s Super Sleuth!

There’s been an uptick in bank robberies in the past few years. There’s also been an uptick in some of those bank robbers being really stupid. Here’s a great example:

A man successfully broke into a bank after hours but he was easily apprehended. Was it because:

  1. He left his iPhone on the floor where the safe deposit boxes are located and listed himself under the In-case-of-emergency number. When the police called, he readily claimed to be the owner.
  2.  He stole the bank’s video camera. While it was recording. Remotely. The police had a nice photo of him and quickly traced him by the camera’s location.
  3. He gave his girlfriend a diamond necklace from one of the safe deposit boxes. And she promptly took a selfie of the two of them and put it on Facebook. Which the drew the attention of the police…
  4. He bragged to a friend about his haul, and his friend turned him in when a $5,000 reward was posted for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons who robbed the bank.

So, which one is it?

 And, here’s a recap and answer of the November 16th Super Sleuth:

Riddle me this: What did he steal?

A: A 24lb turkey (the legs for Tiny Tim).

B: 8 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing (You know, instead of potatoes).

C: A turkey fryer (Because it just wouldn’t quite fit in the French  Fryer).

And it’s….C. He stole a turkey fryer!


About P. T. Bradley

Writer of Inspirational romantic suspense

2 thoughts on “Super Sleuth Wednesday-Can We Get Any Dumber

  1. dtopliff says:

    I think it’s #2, he stole the video camera, still rolling, and that’s high-larious!

  2. We’ll see, Delores, we’ll see.

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