Music Monday: Sounds of Peace

Sometimes life gets so hectic and crazy, I need a break. From words. Yes, even words. Too many are crowding my head. From fictional characters, to family, to cashiers, to you name it.

Occasionally, I need some music that feeds my soul, calms my spirit and brings me peace. I find when I’m at rest, I’m refreshed and can listen better. To my fictional characters, my family, cashiers, you  name it.

I love theInstrumental Hymns station on Pandora.

Here’s just one example of what you’ll hear. It’s an hour long, but you can always go back to it and just play it while you do nothing but sip a cup of tea, cider, or coffee. Simply rest.

Do you listen to instrumental music? Have a favorite instrument? What about hymns? Do you have a favorite?


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