Wednesday Super Sleuth: Sticky Hands

It was late at night when the robber entered the gas station with what appeared to be a gun under his shirt. The cashiers were positive he was using his finger so they pressed the silent alarm and decided two could play at that game, insisting that they didn’t have any cash in the register.

Knowing he had no way to seriously threaten them–a finger only goes so far, folks–he made a mad dash as sirens wailed in the distance. Behind the counter lied one of three things. Can you guess what he grabbed that sealed his fate. If his sticky fingers hadn’t gotten greedier, he might have been able to escape before police arrived.

A: A pack of Camel cigarettes

B: Scratch-off lottery tickets

C: A multi-pack of Juicy Fruit

What say you? 


photocredit: freedigitalphotos/iamnee


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Super Sleuth: Sticky Hands

  1. dtopliff says:

    Probably the gum, but any of the 3 are LOW value for losing freedom.

  2. I’d say the lottery tickets, even though that seems the obvious answer. lol

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