Music Monday: Back to Reality

Hey everyone! I just spent the better part of last week at ACFW. American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. It was jam-packed with old and new friends, appointments, classes, food, fellowship, worship, and so much more.

Days of someone cleaning my room and washing my towels. Food being placed in front of me. Now that I’m home it’s back to reality. Yes, my sweet husband had the house spotless, sheets, towels, and my kids’ clothes washed. So all I had to do is come home and relax. But this week it’s back to routine. I’m washing clothes, towels, and cleaning…and my inbox is huge.

It’s time to focus and get back to writing after being off-kilter. In order to do that I have a time of prayer and worship to relax and get my mind in a place of submissive posture to the Lord. This song has really  touched my heart and recharged me for routine.


I write for the Great I AM. I am because of the Great I AM. Need to get back to reality and refocus after a busy week? Doesn’t matter if it was a conference, a crisis, unexpected financial burden, or the kids just went sideways a few days. Remember, this life isn’t about us but Him. Rest in the words of this song and recharge!

What songs do you listen to that seem to refocus and recharge you?


photocredit: freedigitalphotos(dot)net/aechan


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