Just a Ride Home


ID-100244022I love Stupid Criminal stories. If you are ever down in the dumps, just Google a few. You will soon be rolling on the floor. Here’s one for today:

Mr. Garcia had just been processed at the police station for drinking beer inside a grocery store. He had no ride home. If you were Mr. Garcia, how would you get home? Would you:

  1. Call your brother, who is wanted by the police and gets arrested when he picks you up?
  2. Steal an ambulance right outside the police station?
  3. Call your parole officer, who reports your conviction to the prison and you get sent back to jail?
  4. Call your mother, who comes to the Police Station and promptly starts whacking you over the head and she gets arrested for disorderly conduct?

So Readers, which one is what really happened?

 What are the consequences of Mr. Garcia’s phone call? Who ended up in jail? Care to tweet this? 


About P. T. Bradley

Writer of Inspirational romantic suspense

4 thoughts on “Just a Ride Home

  1. Bonnie Navarro says:

    That’s so hard to answer because any and all could be right. I have to go with the last option. Mama was not at all pleased to have to bail him out.

  2. dtopliff says:

    It’s either 1 or 4, but I’m going to go w/ 1, the unwise wanted brother, because I don’t think any police person would arrest the mama for a little needed home discipline. 🙂

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