Super Sleuth – He’s got a what?

Before we dive into today’s Super Sleuth Challenge, did you guess the correct answer to last week’s?

On Friday evening, a burglar and an accomplice allegedly broke into a home and made away with money, jewelry and a gun.

But the suspects’ plan hit a snag when:

3. One of the burglars accidently butt-called 911 during the robbery and the police dispatcher overheard them talking about the robbery and where  to sell the stolen merchandise

You can read about the ordeal here., photo by Julia Borysewicz, photo by Julia Borysewicz

Now for this week’s challenge. In Washington state a young man wrecked his car into a large rock in the front yard of a house. Witnesses say that the driver wasn’t injured and jumped out of the car and began to run away. But before he got very far, he turned around and ran back to the car. After picking up what he’d left behind, he took off again.

But bystanders were able to give the police a good description of the young man and what he was carrying. So the police quickly tracked him down and arrested him for leaving the scene of an accident. They called his mom to pick up the item he’d gone back for. What do you think it was?

  1. A monkey, which he carried on his back.
  2. A potted palm tree, which he could barely lift.
  3. A toad, which was in a giant aquarium.

Leave your guess in the comments below. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Super Sleuth – He’s got a what?

  1. joaniebruce says:

    It had to have been number 1….the monkey. He probably wouldn’t have gone back for a toad or a potted palm. And the police wouldn’t have called the mom to pick up the other things….I don’t think. 🙂 Good puzzle. 🙂

  2. dtopliff says:

    These are crazy but fascinating. I’m going to guess a potted palm, but any of them are fun to imagine.

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