Music for your Villain


villainHere at Thoughts on Plot, we’ve had music posts for our hero and our heroines and romancy music, and I got to wondering if I was the only one who creates a playlist for the villain.

So…what kind of music do you think my villains listen to? The Phantom of the Opera?  or the theme from Batman when the Joker is reigning? No, that’s what I listen to when I’m creating  villains.

In my current book, my antagonist is talking on the phone to someone he plans to kill. And he’s listening to Alfie as he thinks about what he’s going to do.


Another time, he’s planning to murder the heroine and is listening to Percy Faith’s The First Time I ever saw your face.

Now, there’s just something really creepy about a person who can contemplate murder while listening to this song.

So, if you were creating a villain, what type playlist would you have him create?


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