The Case of the Missing Woman

moonThe Super Sleuth question last week: So what do you think set Randolph off, and who do you think was the target of his poorly planned lash out?The answer to last week’s Super Sleuth is #1 – his soon-to-be ex-wife.

The answer is #1 – his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Now for this week’s Super Sleuth:

In September 1961, the mother of a daughter was at her home in British Colombia. She was not seen the next day. Or the next. Or for the next 52 years.

For one reason or another, she was not reported missing until four years later. Obviously, this raised questions, and suspicion fell on her husband. Police even dug up the husband’s backyard in search of a body, but they found nothing. Decades passed, Marvin died, and there seemed no hope of solving the case. Then police got a break and the disappearance was solved.

What do you think happened?

  1. Marvin killed her, and detectives found his journal that detailed how he’d gotten away with murder.
  2. The mother was found alive and well, and had run away because Marvin abused her.
  3. Marvin had hired two men to kidnap and murder his wife when she threatened to leave with the daughter. One gave a deathbed confession.

Leave your guess in the comments section below and check back next week to see if you are correct.



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2 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Woman

  1. joaniebruce says:

    I’m thinking number 2. I might run away too, if my husband was abusive…..after counseling, of course. 🙂

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