Heartwarming Thursday:Sunday Nights

This May my husband and I will have been married for 21 years. I gotta say the romance isn’t dead, but you have to work on both ends to keep the fire burning. We can’t always hop a ship and cruise to a tropical island, or drive the New England states and stay in lovely B&Bs and inns. With work, kids, extracurricular activies, and life in general you have to cultivate the romance in day to day things.

It’s making the coffee, knowing it’ll be ready when he wakes up. Or taking the trash can down the drive so he doesn’t have to think about it before leaving for work.

It’s him washing the bedsheets and laying out fresh pajamas for you when you come home from an out of town trip, or having a blanket perched on the other recliner in the man cave for when you come into to watch TV–afterall, you are cold natured.

These are heartwarming things.

Lately, we’ve reserved Sunday nights as time to spend together without the kids. We don’t have a night service at our church, but our children have a Youth Service. Now that the weather is nice, we spend the afternoon out by the pool with a delicious drink (I have a book) and we soak up the sun in comfortable silence, and conversation. Once the kids are gone, we head over to our favorite little Mexican restaurant and enjoy a siesta. No phones. Just us. Talking. Laughing. Enjoying each other in this busy busy life.

If you’re married, what are some heartwarming things you do for each other? How do you make time for just each other? If you aren’t marred, what heartwarming things do you do for the special people in your life? 


photocredit: freedigitalphotos(dot)net/tiverylucky


2 thoughts on “Heartwarming Thursday:Sunday Nights

  1. JillKemerer says:

    Your Sunday evening date sounds so, so wonderful! We have a new Mexican restaurant in our little town. You’ve inspired me to make a date with my hubby and try it!

  2. While I’m not married, I do have a long time significant other. (Sounds better than boyfriend at my age) With deadlines and whatnot, it’s hard to get away and spend the day doing nothing. But sometimes we do. And he appreciates it. (me, too)

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