Another Super Sleuth Challenge



photo by ctechs

photo by ctechs

Answer to yesterday’s Stupid Criminal question from my blog …but first, the question: The burglar broke through the business’s back door and made off with a laptop, a cash register, $35 cash, two KISS action figures, and Pokemon cards. But he made one mistake. He left his cell phone behind with his own picture as the screen saver–as the store owner said, “Not only do you leave your cell phone behind, but you have a picture of yourself flexing like, ‘This is my background picture because I’m all that.’ It’s like, ‘You’re all that headed to jail.'” Read more about the crime here.


Now for last week’s Super Sleuth answer…but the question first:

A thief decided to help himself to some items in the trunk of someone else’s car. Unfortunately, he was caught. Which scenario do you believe happened?

  1. He tried to sell the goods on the street and the owner of the car was his second customer who called the police.
  2. While he was rummaging around in the trunk, it slammed down, locking him in. When he was heard yelling and banging, the police were called and he was arrested.
  3. He broke into an unmarked police car, setting off the alarm and the detective rushed out of the house and arrested him.

It’s #2. While he was rummaging around in the trunk, it slammed down, locking him in. When he was heard yelling and banging, the police were called and he was arrested.

Once they got him out the man tried to say that he had been hit on the head and stuffed inside the car trunk. However, with him he had stolen items from another vehicle he had broken into. Read More

Now for this week’s Super Sleuth: Two men were arrested for hauling 20 pounds of marijuana from Las Vegas to Montana. Was it because:

  1. They were speeding. When a highway patrolman pulled them over, he ran the tag and discovered the car was stolen. The cop found the marijuana when he searched the car.
  2. They got high off the pot they were carrying and believed, incorrectly, that undercover cops were following them. One of the crooks called 911 and told them to call off their hunt. The dispatcher was able to find their location through cell towers.
  3. They stopped at a truck stop to eat and tried to sell some of the marijuana to an undercover cop.

So, which is it? Leave your answer in the comment box, and next Tuesday check my blog and see if you were right! There will be another Super Sleuth waiting for you there.



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5 thoughts on “Another Super Sleuth Challenge

  1. dtopliff says:

    I think it’s #2 this time, that they got high, but they’re all great scenarios. I absolutely love these. Keep it up!

  2. joaniebruce says:

    I forgot about the challenge last week! Fiddlesticks! But the one this week is REALLY crazy! I believe it is number 2…..they got high, and tried to call off the cops following them. Really stupid crooks! I would have to say the marijuana impaired their judgment. 🙂

  3. Joanie, don’t forget to check my blog next Tuesday for the answer to this one and a new Stupid Criminal question. And there’s still time to enter the contest on my blog for Elaine Stock’s debut book!

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