Twitterpated: Music Monday

Spring has sprung, ya’ll. At least it has down here in Mississippi. And in the spring…everyone becomes twitterpated.

What is it about springtime? A new season. After a long, cold winter when the flowers bud and bloom, the sky turns bright, the sunshine smiles…cool breezes.

It’s a lot like heart, really. A heart that has been broken. Dark. Cold. No light. Just bitter and crackly. Bare.

Until someone…

Until romance…

Until spring…

When he or she steps into your world, making it brighter, warm. Melting away the bitterness and chill of rejection and hurt. Bringing new life. Blossoming.

I think that’s what I love about reading romances and watching romantic movies. I love to see spring bloom in a hero or heroine’s heart–or both. I love those feelings…like the scent of lilac, jasmine. Like the thrill of colorful tulips and Easter flowers. Like the kiss of sunshine on my wintry-dried skin.

Like Jesus. Like falling in love with the Lover of our soul. Isn’t that what He does? Shine His light into our cold, soul and bring it to life. Not once, but repeatedly. We wilt. He mends. He prunes.

It’s a beautiful thing. And to celebrate spring and being twitterpated and loving Jesus and feeling secure in the truth that He adores us, here’s a song with all the feels of a budding divine romance.

Shall we dance?

photo credit: freedigital photos/criminalatt


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