Music Monday – Prince Edward Island Tunes

As Jill shared last week, my new book, The Red Door Inn, released recently. This is book one in the Red-Door-Inn-Cover1Prince Edward Island Dreams series. PEI is the home of Anne of Green Gables–perhaps the best known and most loved red-headed orphan in the world. Every year, she draws thousands of visitors to the island to see Anne’s Land. To witness the fabled red dirt roads of the North Shore. To fall in love with the towering pines, gentle tides, and shining waters.

Anne drew me to PEI the first time. The island’s magic brought me back three more. And while I loved researching the island, talking with its people, and exploring its beauty, I don’t get to write while I’m there. And it’s hard to bottle the island and take it home with me. So how do I feel like I’m there even when I’m hundreds of miles away?

picture by Liz Johnson

Music, of course. 🙂

The island’s music is extensive and varied, and it’s often pulled from the history of its people. During the Irish Potato Famine during the 1840s, many fled their homeland and settled on PEI, and the style of music they brought with them is still played today.

The island still boasts regular ceilidhs (kay-lee), which used to be Irish community dances and have morphed into community shows. One of my favorites on PEI is the Ross Family Ceilidh. This family offers the best in fiddle, guitar, piano, and Irish step dancing. It’s such a fun show! (Watch all the way to the end for the dancing.)

Another of my favorites from the island is the Avonlea Showband. Spearheaded by Mike and Leon, this band always provides a high-energy, fun-filled show. Including an accordion!

This is one of my favorites! “Good Ole Hockey Game!”

Do you ever listen to music to try to get the setting right? What songs do you listen to?


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