Do You Write to Music or Not?

writerIt’s Monday so it must be Music day! How many of you reading this blog write to music? Is it something you find you have to do? Does it help with your writing? And do you listen to instrumental music or music with words?

You see, I don’t consciously use music when I write. Sometimes I’ll have classical music playing in the background because I love classical music. So, if you do write to music, what would you tell me to convince me to do the same thing? How does music help you?

Or do you write with silence all around you? That’s what I usually do.

I once read a blog post about a site where you could download an app that has the sounds of a coffee shop. How would that work for you? I tried it, but it really got on my nervees . 😉

Back to convincing me to use music to inspire me. There’s a poll at the end of the blog. Let me know if you use music or not.


About P. T. Bradley

Writer of Inspirational romantic suspense

2 thoughts on “Do You Write to Music or Not?

  1. bonnie navarro says:

    I can’t concentrate without music. I get too antsy. I typical have some contemporary Christian music playing. Amazon playlist or Pandora or KLOVE. Of course every once in a while i have to stop writing to sing along…… 😉

  2. I’m afraid if I listened to music with words, I’d start typing them. lol

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