The Would-be Robber

by Patricia Bradley

If it’s Wednesday and I’m posting, it must be Too Stupid to be a Criminal Day. Here’s the case:

moonThe robber entered the victim’s home through a window in the early hours and woke her up by poking her with a gun. When she didn’t have any cash to give him, he  made her drive to an ATM and demanded that she withdraw $2000, but the ATM would only let the victim withdraw $460. How did the police catch him?

  1. He made her return five more times to withdraw money, triggering an alarm.
  2. He held her captive until the bank opened and she could go inside to withdraw funds and an alert teller called the police.
  3. He told the victim to meet him in a parking lot the following morning with $1,500. The police showed up instead.
  4. He made her phone the number on the ATM to report a problem demanding that they release her funds and the service agent called the police.

Which do you think it is?


About P. T. Bradley

Writer of Inspirational romantic suspense

3 thoughts on “The Would-be Robber

  1. joaniebruce says:

    I’m guessing number 3. That would be the dumbest mistake of all! 🙂

  2. dtopliff says:

    I can’t comment because I know the correct answer but love these! Keep them coming!

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