Wednesday Super Sleuth – Car Thieves, photo by Peter Albrektsen, photo by Peter Albrektsen

Last July at least four criminals found their luck running a little low. The four suspects attempted to steal a car from a used car lot in Virginia. They arrived in the early morning hours, broke into the office and took several sets of keys. The initial theft went off without a hitch, so they returned a couple hours later, and drove away in a recent model BMW.

But one car wasn’t enough. Just thirty minutes later, they returned and drove off in a Cadillac. And ten minutes later, they returned for a third.

But the crooks didn’t get very far. Each of the cars was recovered within a few-mile radius. So how did the cops do it? How did they find and return the stolen cars?

  1. A brand new tracking system had been installed on all three cars the week before, and the car were easily located.
  2. The thieves parked the cars at their grandma’s home. Fed up with their illegal activities, Grandma called the police and turned them in.
  3. All three cars ran out of gas before they could reach the chop shop. The police found them as they were being pushed to a gas station.
  4. All three cars broke down within blocks of the car lot and were abandoned by the thieves.

How do you think the cars were found? Leave your guess in the comments below. Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Super Sleuth – Car Thieves

  1. Janet B. says:

    I would say a brand new tracking system helped track them down. I saw an article once about how a used car lot did this so they could track the vehicle down if the people quit making payments. So the vehicle could be repossessed.

  2. dtopliff says:

    I hope the grandma turned them in–can’t wait to hear!

  3. I’m with Delores! #2

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