Super Sleuth Wednesday:Stealing Baby Jesus

Good morning everyone! Christmas is nigh! Yep, I said nigh. It just came to me. Okay, enough about nigh. In my Christmas novella, Hope Under Mistletoe, the Baby Jesus is stolen from the church’s outdoor nativity scene.

So that got me thinkin’ about real crimes against the swaddled Babe. Turns out hundreds of Baby Jesus dolls are stolen every year at Christmas time.

One church in Florida had enough. Their ceramic figurine was made in Italy and valued at $1800! Whoa. But they got it back. The question is: How?

You decide.

A: When a few local churches began to buzz about their own figurines being stolen, this church installed security cameras and discovered it was a group of teenage girls who’d been dared. One of the girls was a member of the church and publicly apologized on a Sunday morning. The congregation forgave her and two of her friends made the walk to the altar, giving their hearts to Jesus.

B: The son of one of the deacons who knew the value of the ceramic figurine got together two of his buddies and they took the Baby Jesus. They posted it on Craig’s List, and his mother’s best friend–who happened to be looking for a new  Baby Jesus to replace a stolen one from her congregation bought it! Imagine her surprise when he showed up at the meet spot.

C: Knowing the cost of the figurine, this local church got savvy and installed a GPS system to Baby Jesus. Once it had been realized He was gone, they called the local authorities, and it was found. Since then, many churches have installed GPS systems on their nativity members.

Give it a guess! Whoever has most wins in the month wins a free book. Wondering about last week’s answer? The answer is 2. The unlucky criminal was caught because during the interview, she took a phone call and explained in French to the person on the other end of the line that it was a scam. She didn’t expect that the detective also spoke French. Ha!

May you have a Christmas that is merry and bright!



2 thoughts on “Super Sleuth Wednesday:Stealing Baby Jesus

  1. Janet B. says:

    GPS, I think. Otherwise people can hide their faces.

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