Wednesday Super Sleuth – More Unlucky Criminals

Before we dive into today’s Super Sleuth Challenge, here are the answers to last week’s quiz:

The answer to the first one is: True. These were really stupid cops. They robbed the woman wearing their uniforms and badges.

The answer to the second one is: A. When these two men tried to rob him, he broke their arms and then waited for the police to arrive., photo by Pascal Montsma, photo by Pascal Montsma

Some criminals have no luck. Take for example, a young woman frantic after being robbed. She called the police. Her jewelry was missing, her electronics had vanished, and a window was clearly smashed–an easy entrance into her apartment. Of course, she was hysterical when the police detective arrived to her home. But after only a short time, the detective knew the criminal was the young woman claiming she’d been robbed. She’d been trying scam her insurance company into paying for the items she had stolen herself. How did the detective know she was lying to him?

  1. During the short interview, the detective asked several questions, and the woman crumbled under the pressure. She let the truth slip, and he quickly arrested her.
  2. During the interview, the young woman took a phone call and explained in French to the person on the other end of the line that it was a scam. She didn’t expect that the detective also spoke French.
  3. When the detective asked to look around, she took him on a brief tour, including the closet where she had stashed her “stolen” television.
  4. The detective knew immediately upon walking into the room that she was lying, as the window had been broken outward. Whoever broke it had been standing inside the apartment. When he pointed out this error, the woman confessed to her scheme.

How do you think the young woman was caught in her lie? Leave your guess in the comments below. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Super Sleuth – More Unlucky Criminals

  1. dtopliff says:

    I think it’s #4, window glass falling outward, but speaking French also has merit.

  2. stef says:

    I guess the french thing

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