Wednesday Super Sleuth Challenge: What a Turkey!

In Arkansas, a man plotted to kill one of his employees. I don’t know why. If he was that bad of a worker, fire him already. Right? Was he late on more than three occasions? Write him up. Murder? Seems drastic.

However, this turkey’s plan was foiled. You guess how! Choose one of the following choices and post your answer A, B, or C in the comments below. Most wins at the end of the month receives a free book!

A: He told his girlfriend all about it. His girlfriend happened to be having a secret affair with the intended victim and she spilled the beans to the victim and the police.

B: He actually warned the intended victim who went to the authorities and they found incriminating evidence of the employer’s plot inside his home.

C: He butt-dialed the intended victim who heard him share with a friend the entire plan.

So what do you think really happened? Happy Thanksgiving! 



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Super Sleuth Challenge: What a Turkey!

  1. Janet B says:

    I would guess the butt dial. But you never know who is sleeping with whom.

  2. Bonnie Navarro says:

    I’m going with A. If he suspected his girlfriend was messing around behind his back it would be motive. And if he wanted to prove either how tough guy he was or how impossible it would be for her to be free of the relationship… He sounds like he has the makings of a suspense villain. 😣

  3. I’m guessing it was A and I’m curious as always to hear the true answer. 🙂

  4. joaniebruce says:

    I say number 3! It would be so easy to dial someone when your phone is in your back pocket> 🙂

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