Music Monday: Reset

Hey everyone! It’s been crazy around my neck of the woods. We just moved last weekend. I have line edits due. I released a new novella, the last in the Seasons of Hope Series. I put together a Patch Patch team to help me spread the word about my books and other promo for my debut novel coming out in January and I have several projects I need to do between now and Christmas. Massive painting projects. Needless to say, I need a reset. I need to refocus and breathe. The adrenaline of buying a house is over. Now the work is going on along with life. I need to start working on a new synopsis as well.

How do I reset? Worship music. Every. Time. And of course the word. But I like to blare anointed worship and simply “press in” to God, until everything else dims and I’m left with nothing but the overflowing joy of the Lord. It overwhelms me, puts my face to the floor and humbles me. Brings new perspective. Makes my heart full.

This is one of my favorite reset songs lately. And so true. What song have you been playing to reset?

If you’d like to check out the Seasons of Hope series, it’s available on AMAZON. photo credit


One thought on “Music Monday: Reset

  1. Wow! I need a reset, too! 🙂 Awesome music.

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