A Month of Thanksgiving – Heartwarming Thursday

By Jill Kemerer

What is it about November that can bring out such bittersweet feelings? I tend to get sad that another year is almost over. I can’t help but ask Did I accomplish all I set out to do? and Will winter be harsh or mild? 

A month of thankfulness

Yes, the upcoming winter is another source of so-so feelings. Sure, I love a beautiful winter day where the snow falls gently, the sun glares off a field of white, and stepping outside is like entering a vacuum of hushed tones. But I’m not a fan of the dreary, gray days with harsh winds and the roads slick with ice. Winter around here lasts a long, long time. I was wearing a winter coat, hat, and gloves until May last year. May!

But November also brings a warm glow to my heart. It’s a month to pause, to catch my breath in anticipation of the Christmas season. Every day I try to focus on one thing I’m grateful for. It’s so easy to find one thing. I could probably list a hundred!

I don’t wait until bedtime to decide what I’m thankful for. Each morning I read two chapters of the Bible, and I pray. That’s the perfect time to decide what I’m thankful for. I write it down. That way, when the day gets crazy and my energy lags, all I have to do is remember what I wrote down. It’s like a tall glass of cool water or a hot mug of yummy cocoa–heartwarming.

Today, I am thankful for prayer. Think about the wonder of prayer. We can take our troubles and our joys to God anytime, anywhere and He hears us! He knows, even when we can’t put it in words. We can pray all day long. A continuous conversation with God. What a blessing!

Whether you choose something to be thankful for or not, my prayer for you today is that you’ll find rest during this busy season. Take thirty seconds to breathe deeply and know you are loved!

What is your favorite thing about November?

Have a wonderful day!


About JillKemerer

I write inspirational romance novels for Harlequin Love Inspired.

2 thoughts on “A Month of Thanksgiving – Heartwarming Thursday

  1. Jill, I have a thankful list I add to each morning as well. One thing I enjoy about November is the slightly slower pace and the promise of spending time with family.

  2. JillKemerer says:

    Same here! November is kind of the lull before the Christmas storm–haha! I love Christmas, but it’s nice to relax a bit first. 🙂

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