Stupid Criminals–How Did He Get Caught…

We’re back for the Super Sleuth Challenge.

junior sleuth









Our crook this week started out selling roses at night clubs, but after deciding that wouldn’t make him rich, he graduated to defrauding a handful of Seattle banks out of $200,000. Eventually, he was caught. Guess which scenario tripped him up.

  1. He tried to cash a  twenty dollar check at one of the banks he defrauded, using his own name, and one of the teller’s recognized him.
  2. He added a former Justice Department official as a Facebook friend and then bragged about what he’d done from Cancun.
  3. He recruited an undercover policeman to apply for a car loan, using fake pay stubs, and the policeman turned him in.

Leave your answer in the Comment box.

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She’s his odds-on favorite 

Running for mayor of his Mississippi town wasn’t even a twinkle in Peter Elliott’s eye. But it could bring Cedar Grove’s favorite son one step closer to his dream of building a youth center. He’d better watch out, though. Town councilwoman Nicole Montgomery has just thrown her hat into the ring.

The independent, smart-as-a-whip brunette is leagues away from the bookish girl Peter knew in high school. And he knows in his heart that Nicole would make a great mayor. So does his cousin Jake, who could be edging out Peter in his campaign to convince the love-wary beauty that he’s the best candidate for her.





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6 thoughts on “Stupid Criminals–How Did He Get Caught…

  1. I think it’s option #1 but do want to hear the answer. These are fun!

  2. I’ll clue you in next week, Dee!

  3. joaniebruce says:

    I have to pick #2. Some criminals are so stupid! By the way….congratulations on the new book release! I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  4. He-he-he…we’ll see Joanie! Thanks for stopping in. And I’m really excited about the book.

  5. lilaskid01 says:

    My guess is 2

  6. 🙂 Be sure Lila to come back next week for the answer. And I’ll have 3 more stupid criminal choices and a giveaway.

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