Music Monday: What We Need

Hey everyone!

Writing can be wearisome, can’t it? We need to write faster. Revise smarter. We need to erase those overused phrases and weasel words. Our to-do list piles and after all the revisions and red ink, we still find typos and issues. It’s enough to make us hang our head and wonder why we’re still at this.

But what do we really need when we’re feeling the pressure?

All we need is Jesus. The lifter of our heads, the lifter of burdens and weights that hinder us. We need Jesus to refresh us, renew our strength, and remind us once again why we really write.

So take a minute on this Monday morning before you slog through your to-do list and open up that WIP. Let Jesus remind you, what you really need and I promise, you’ll be looking at that manuscript with fresh eyes and renewed spirit and all of a sudden….it won’t seem so daunting.

What song has lifted your head when you’re feeling the stress of writing?

photo credit: freedigitalphotos(dot)com/artur84


3 thoughts on “Music Monday: What We Need

  1. Jessica, I needed these words today. Thank you. “Oceans” is a song the ministers to my heart when I’m discouraged and overwhelmed.

  2. Brenda Anderson says:

    Right now a couple of songs come to mind. When I want a pick me up, nothing is better than “Impossible” by Building 429. For moments of reflection, & when I need strength to keep going, I love “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns.

  3. Any of the Hill Songs lift my spirits, especially Shout to the Lord.

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