How To Ramp Up The Conflict Idea Sparking Style Part 2 – Examples From “Madam Secretary”

Photo by Craig Toocheck

Photo by Craig Toocheck

Netflix Junkie here again. Oh, and did Madam Secretary ramp it up again with Season 1: Episode 12-13. Let me say that it is not good for my waistline to watch a show with such amazing looking food all the time at these White House galas. Sigh.

Just what is the series Madam Secretary about:

Madam Secretary is chalk full of How To Ramp Up The Conflict Idea Sparking Style examples! Last week we looked at the use of other strategies used in this series. These last few episodes have a few more examples I’d like to share with you.

How To Ramp Up The Conflict Idea Sparking Style 2 Examples:

*Villain Bedside Manor / Proximity Strategy: (Episode 12)Madam Secretary’s husband is on secret assignment with the NSA in previous episodes. One of his tasks was to place a bug in the home of a man named Kraus who was believed to be associated with terrorists.

Now, done with the operation, hubby is out to dinner with his wife when Kraus shows up. Not knowing of their previous association, Madam Secretary invites him to eat at their table. Talk about using Villain Proximity to ramp up the tension.

*Skyscraper Escalation Strategy: (Episode 13) There is an appalling incident with a foreign diplomat and he claims diplomatic immunity. It is not enough that the Secretary of State has to risk upsetting another country’s leaders.

They involve a new military base’s well-being and the possible persecution of military forces. By adding the military base and personnel’s well-being it escalates the stakes sky high. By adding greater stakes it ups the conflict intensity and by making us care it also ups the tension.

What is your new favorite TV series?




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2 thoughts on “How To Ramp Up The Conflict Idea Sparking Style Part 2 – Examples From “Madam Secretary”

  1. Mindy says:

    This is our latest addiction! Thanks for justifying it. It will now be “research” for learning how to increase the conflict.

  2. Hmmm. Not sure this non-tv person can come up with an answer. lol
    But I do watch occasionally for research and since I’m writing about a defense attorney…I watch The Good Wife. I know–it’s not new, but it’s the best I can do. 🙂

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