Super Sleuth Wednesday: Junior Gumshoe

An elderly man’s home was burglarized and the detectives were at a loss. Enter the twelve year old granddaughter. After a summer at Junior District Attorney Camp, she wanted to put her sleuthing skills to work. And she did! I think it’s so cool to see someone so young solve the mystery that detectives on the job hadn’t. Fresh eyes may be more than just another set. It may literally mean young eyes in this case. So tell me how you think she solved the case and brought justice for her grandfather.

A. The culprits left behind a cell phone, hidden in the azalea bushes and missed by local PD. She Googled how to bypass the passcode and found photos of the owner. She recognized him from her sister’s high school. She and her mother went to the principal and the ring leader confessed in the office.

B. She visited a local pawn shop and discovered her grandfather’s furniture and other goods. The pawn shop owner gave her the name of the thieves. She took her mother and went to one of the culprit’s homes and got a confession from him, then contacted authorities.

C. She found a neighbor adjacent from her grandfather’s home with a security camera. Through blurry footage, she made out a license plate and contacted local authorities who ran the plates which led them to three local teens who then confessed.

So which do you think it is? Guess each  Wednesday and whoever gets the most guesses right wins a book!



9 thoughts on “Super Sleuth Wednesday: Junior Gumshoe

  1. Boy, these are all good! But I think I’ll pick 3.

  2. dtopliff says:

    I’m guessing C & I look forward to hearing the right answer. Which day do the answers get published? I haven’t been able to find them lately.

  3. Janet B. says:

    Wow, I think C also. We are definitely building a consensus. But, maybe we are all wrong.

  4. jessicarpatch says:

    Great guesses everyone! Thanks for playing!

  5. bonnie navarro says:

    I also think it’s C. Although the other options are interesting as well. We had to return our daughter’s phone because even the company couldn’t break into an I-phone without the password.

  6. Michelle Lim says:

    Love this one, Jessica!

  7. M. Weidenbenner says:

    I think it’s A because kids are savvy when it comes to techie stuff. My ten-year-old granddaughter was teaching my father (her great-grandfather) how to find his way around his Kindle Fire.

  8. Liz Johnson says:

    Wow! That’s a fun one. I’m going to guess C.

  9. joaniebruce says:

    I think it is B. This girl sounds like she needs to be signed up as a detective now. lol

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