All About Love: Falling into an Autumn Romance

Autumn is my favorite season. I love to write books set iduring this time because there’s so many romantic things to dream up. So many scenes to write that make you feel all the feelings.

The chill in the air means snuggling closer. You forget your jacket and he drapes his around you. His signature scent swirls into your senses, imprinting him there for memories to come. Fall means hayrides and cuddling with quilts atop piles of hay, falling into his powerful arms and chest as the tractor hits the bumps in the road. A walk through a park or forest to admire the leaves changing color…and each other, his eyes the same golden brown as the leaves. He mentions the maple leaf the same ruby red as your lips and your heart pitter-patters at the anticipation of his lips on yours.

Fall means a trip to the pumpkin patch with a stop to pick apples and drink hot cider. The taste of cinnamon and red delicious in the long-awaited kiss. The feel of his arms around your waist when he slips behind you to admire the lake, the ducks. He feigns cold hands and slips then into your hoodie pockets, nestling his nose into your hair.

This season means sitting around a fire, feeding each other marshmellows. Using melted chocolate on his chin as an excuse to touch his face, and a crumb of graham cracker as one more reason for him to run his thumb along your lower lip.

Don’t you want to go write a romantic scene right now? I do! Even if my current WIP is set in summer.

Your turn: What other events/activities in fall do you find romantic? 



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