Wednesday Super Sleuth – Hiding in Plain Sight, photo by mconnors, photo by mconnors

It’s the return of dumb criminals! And a few laughs with them.

In the summer of 2013, a man assaulted another man, stole his ATM card, and ran away. The cops had a good suspect, but they couldn’t find him. After searching for six months, the Pennsylvania police decided to hit the internet and try to find him on Facebook. They posted his mug shot and asked if anyone knew the man’s whereabouts.

Guess who shared the picture of the mug shot on his own Facebook page? You got it! The suspect!

Hoping stupidity would strike twice, the police reached out to the thief via Facebook and caught him. What ploy did they use to snag him?

  1. The police created a Facebook account that mocked the criminal. They caught his attention by posting insulting things about him, and when he demanded that they stop, the police account refused. The thief demanded that they meet in person to fight it out, and the cops nabbed him at their agreed upon location just two hours later.
  2. The police sent him a notice saying that he had illegally posted the mug shot in question. They told him that he’d be prosecuted for serious state crimes, but they were willing to discuss a plea bargain in person. He arrived at the police station within the hour and was quickly arrested.
  3. The police posed as a beautiful woman and asked him to meet up for a drink. The alleged criminal initially declined the meet up, so the police tried again, this time inviting the crook to meet for a cigarette. He showed up 45 minutes later and was promptly arrested.

Leave your guess in the comments section. Maybe you’ll be this month’s Super Sleuth.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Super Sleuth – Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. dtopliff says:

    I’m guessing #3, the beautiful woman, but I’ll look forward to hearing the answer.

  2. Bonnie Navarro says:

    I’m going with the 3rd option. Most men will be swayed by a pretty woman.

  3. Three great options. I’m going with #2.

  4. joaniebruce says:

    I believe it is #3……they posed as a beautiful woman and caught him when he supposedly met the woman to share a cigarette. Great trick! Stupid criminal! lol

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