Super Sleuth Wednesday: A Spin on Card Tricks

In 1979, a woman was shot and strangled. The case? A dead end. The case went cold.


Two clever detectives came up with a way to solve murders using playing cards. Were they magicians…in a sense, I suppose as the trick worked. Yes, the deck of cards were legit, like any playing cards except each card had a photo of missing people in cold cases.

Fast forward 32 years and inmate playing a round with another inmate recognized the woman who had been shot and strangled and relayed the information. Not only did he help solve the murder, but he even received a reward.

Can you guess how the inmate knew the victim? Choose A, B, or C and comment below to enter. At the end of the month, someone will win a book!

A: The inmate once dated a girl in high school. This victim turned out to be her sister–and the girl he cheated with ending the relationship. He had already ended up in jail, but he distinctly remembered his EX vowing to kill them both. His information sent authorities digging deeper into the sister’s past, and they found the gun.

B: The inmate had been a witness to this murder, but was too afraid to come forward. A few hard knocks in life after that eye-witness account, and he ended up in jail himself.

C: The inmate had been the younger brother of the victim’s co-worker at a 7-11. He saw his brother take their dad’s gun to work one night, then later watched him bury a box in their backyard. When he confronted his brother, he told him he’d hit a cat on the home from work and didn’t want to get in trouble. Authorities dug up the backyard and didn’t find a cat, but the murder weapon.

photocredit: freedigitalphotos(dot)net/artur84


7 thoughts on “Super Sleuth Wednesday: A Spin on Card Tricks

  1. dtopliff says:

    I’m guessing A and this is good.

  2. Aw snap! I forgot to send Jessica the answer to last week’s Super Slueth Wednesday! It was #3–thirty years after her death, her son identified the afghan her body was wrapped in as one his grandmother had made.

  3. I think it was B. 🙂 Very good, Jessica!

  4. bonnie navarro says:

    All three sound plausible but I’m going with A. it was a lover’s triangle and it feed his ego to think that a woman killed for him.

  5. joaniebruce says:

    This is a hard one, but I’m going with A. It’s a shame this case took so long to solve.

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