Music Monday: Flashing Romantic Scenes

Hi everyone! Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. I made my honey a from-scratch (including icing) strawberry cake and his favorite meal: roast and potatoes for Father’s Day/birthday. I’m stuffed.

But writing must go on even when you want to hibernate. 🙂 I’m gearing up to write a new novella, the last one in my Seasons of Hope Series. Something I like to do (I’m sure I’ve said it before) is make a playlist on Spotify. As I’m searching music, scenes start to take shape. Like flashes. I may not have a clue about their back story or their struggles, but the romance is there. Always. One of my favorite things in a romance movie or TV show is when the music is playing and you see several scenes (sometimes flashbacks) of the couple falling in love or dealing with romantic pain. The music, lyrics, and actions bring all the feelings!

That’s what happens inside my head as I’m thinking about my story. Here are a song I’ve been seeing flashes of romantic scenes to: (Play the song while you read the next paragraph. You can see how I’m arriving at my thoughts!)

I can see my heroine hurt and struggling with her past mistakes, sitting on the edge of the dock gathering strength to go on while the hero isn’t too far away, painting furiously (he’s an artist), completely shredded and unsure of what to do, so he does the only thing that comes naturally. He paints his pain. Then at the end of the song, she stumbles upon him, their eyes connect. He lowers his paint brush…she lowers her head and fade to black. Oh how music can make the imagination soar! Wanna know what happens next? Me too!

Writers: Do you listen to music to help you in the brainstorming stage? Readers: Do you like the romantic scenes in movies set to music? Have a favorite scene? Share it with me! Or just a favorite song. I always need new inspiration!

photocredit: freedigitalphotossatit_srhin


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