What do you listen to?

First, the answer to my last Who Done It post is:

 2. The thief steals an AK47 and stuffs it in his pants and is arrested as he limped out the store. I  wonder if he thought no one would notice? Now on to today’s post!

What do you listen to when you write? I usually go to Pandora and select something from Jim Brickman.

This allows my mind to relax and let the thoughts flow.

If I’m writing a suspense scene, then I choose something like this.

I have a friend who writes funny Southern stories, and this is what she listens to:


So, what do you listen to when you’re writing a scene?


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Writer of Inspirational romantic suspense

2 thoughts on “What do you listen to?

  1. dutchessofdorkville says:

    When I was writing my current WIP I wanted to get back in the mindframe of a teenager falling in love so I -yes this is embarrassing- I listened to what the teens are now, lots of One Direction, Justin Bieber, and 5SOS. It really helped put me in a teenagers head. All the angst, passion, and intense emotions they feel so strongly.
    Now that I’ve been editing, the Lindsay Stirling Pandora station fits the bill perfectly. It’s got enough intensity and passion but is wordless so I can concentrate on the task at hand better.

  2. I like that. Up until recently, I didn’t write to music, so I’m trying out different things. Thanks for stopping by!

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