Wednesday Super Sleuth – Hiding in Plain Sight

photo by ctechs

photo by ctechs

It would seem that some thieves are smarter than others. And the dumb ones aren’t confined to the U.S. Last fall, a man in the United Kingdom walked into a building, intent on stealing something of value. He picked out what he was going to take, but didn’t have any place to hide it.

Panicking, he stuffed the stolen property under his shirt and made a run for it.

But workers in the building immediately spotted the property stuffed under the man’s sweatshirt, stopped him, and got back their property. The man took off and hasn’t been caught. But given his terrible hiding skills, it shouldn’t take long for the police to find him.

What do you think the thief was trying to take? And who stopped him?

  1. The thief attempted to steal a framed piece of art off the wall of a gallery. As he tried to walk out of the gallery, staff stopped him when they noticed the corners of the frame poking through this sweatshirt. He dropped the artwork and ran.
  2. The thief attempted to take a desktop computer from a public library. A librarian noticed the protruding metal case under the man’s sweatshirt and stopped him. Caught, he dropped the computer and ran.
  3. The thief attempted to runaway with a floor lamp from a big box store. Security employees stopped the would-be-robber as he made his way out of the store with the lamp shade sticking out of the neck hole of his sweatshirt. Dropping his haul, he ran.

Leave your guess in the comments section. Maybe you’ll be this month’s Super Sleuth.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Super Sleuth – Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. I think it’s 1. But why he didn’t take it out of the frame is a mystery to me. lol

  2. dtopliff says:

    All of these are hard to imagine, but I’m going with 3, the lamp, the biggest and most ridiculous.

  3. joaniebruce says:

    I think it was a piece of framed art. (1) Sounds like a stupid thief to me! 🙂

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