Prize Patrol / All About Love / Super Sleuth Answer: We GOTCHA

Photo sent by Colleen Coble

Photo sent by Colleen Coble

Drumroll….. It’s time to  announce our winners for Colleen Coble’s new book The Inn at Ocean’s Edge and our Super Sleuth winner from January-March.

But first, the answer to yesterday’s Super Sleuth Challenge:

The answer to We Gotcha is A…he wore a GPA monitor that he’d stolen from a previous burglary. Ha!

If you guessed right, be prepared that you could be our next Super Sleuth Winner. Our Next winner after today will be announced at the end of April.


Colleen Coble - The Inn at Ocean's Edge Winner is...

Colleen Coble – The Inn at Ocean’s Edge Winner is…

The Winner of The Inn at Ocean’s Edge is… Doreen Marr! Congratulations!


The Super Sleuth Challenge of February- March is. . . Joanie Bruce! Your Prizes are:

Sabotaged by Author Dani PettreyNavy SEAL Noel by Liz Johnson

    And a $10 Amazon Gift Card


Now that we have given away our prizes, I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you about someone very special to me. Someone as different from me as night and day. The love of my life. My husband.

Do you think opposites attract?

I do, because I did. I love language and the arts, hubby loves numbers and science. It does make for some interesting conversations though.

Can You Tell Which One Is My Husband?

Needless to say this picture is a bit older. . . just like I am. I’m in the second row, two from the left. My hubby is in the first row, first on the left.

I remember the wonder of when we first met. The roses in my mailbox, musical productions, and candlelight dinners.

Somewhere between there and now came four kids and lots of adventure. We’ve had a few disagreements because we think so opposite, but I am grateful that he balances out my strengths and weaknesses.

How about you? Is your sweetheart opposite of you? Do you think opposites attract? Does it drive you as crazy as it does me?


5 thoughts on “Prize Patrol / All About Love / Super Sleuth Answer: We GOTCHA

  1. What I think is God has a wonderful sense of humor. 🙂 Otherwise he wouldn’t put us with such different people. The love of my life is a laid back type B who also loves numbers and logic while I’m a type A with ADHD–I drive him crazy. And I can hear God laughing sometimes at our conversations.

  2. joaniebruce says:

    Wow, Michelle. I won! Thank you so much! I love your Super Sleuth Wednesdays and look forward to them every week! I missed yesterdays because I was out of town, but thank you!
    And, YES……my husband and I are definitely opposites! But I think God does that to keep life interesting, don’t you? Remember what you said in your book “Idea Sparking: How to Brainstorm Conflict in Your Novel?” Stories are boring without conflict. Life would be boring too if we were all the same. 😉

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