Release-a-rama! All About Love

by Jill Kemerer

I can’t stop bouncing! I’m like a human version of Tigger this week because:

A. My amazing critique partner, Jessica R. Patch (and contributor to this lovely blog) released her second novella!

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is the second story in the Seasons of Hope series AND it’s FREE to her newsletter subscribers!! Free, I say (until April 23, so get it now)!

Just the Way You Are by Jessica R. Patch


Just the Way You Are ~

When Pastor Gabe asks Audrey Gilbraith to use her mad florist skills to help him design a prayer garden, she’s all in, especially since it helps take her mind off the fact she’s about to lose her job and her apartment. But working closely with Gabe and not falling for him is complicated. She’s not pastor’s wife material, and she has the past to prove it.

Gabriel Brookson wants out of Audrey’s friend-zone, but when he pursues her romantically, he ruffles more than a few feathers in his congregation. How much is he willing to give up for this wonderful, quirky woman, and will Audrey accept him if he risks it all?


I know you are wondering how you can get your hands on Just the Way You Are–don’t panic! I have the link right here. Just click on it and fill in the form. Easy! Subscribe to Jessica’s Newsletter

And, if you hadn’t heard, Jessica recently sold her debut novel to Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense. Look for her book in January 2016!


The other reason I’m a hyper mess?

B. My debut novel released yesterday! Aackk!

As many of you know, I’ve been trying to get published for a long, long time. It took me seven years of submitting, writing, studying and rejections to get the call. Seeing my book on store shelves was a dream come true!! Here’s one lovely photo (kind of wish I’d brushed my hair and touched up my makeup first, but oh well!!).

Jill's debut in stores!

This year has been amazing. I’m trying to take it in! I know many of you are aspiring writers. Please, please don’t give up on your dream! I understand the discouragement that comes with hearing no over and over. I also know all too well how depressing the journey can be. I’ve doubted myself so many times, and I still do. I don’t always believe in my writing the way I should. But I truly feel God wants us to go after the desires of our heart. So go after yours!!

Small-Town Bachelor by Jill Kemerer

Small-Town Bachelor ~

A Place to Call Home

When Reed Hamilton arrives in Lake Endwell for a family wedding, he expects to do his part as best man then head back to the big city. But when a tornado postpones the wedding, the town is in shambles and Reed is injured. Thankfully maid of honor Claire Sheffield offers him one of her cottages to recuperate in.


Dedicated to her family and her dream job at the zoo, Claire is all about roots. She’s this city slicker’s opposite, yet as they help the town rebuild, Reed is captivated by her stunning looks and caring ways. He can’t ask Claire to leave the life she loves for him, but he also can’t imagine ever leaving her behind…

Interested in buying Small-Town Bachelor? Click HERE!


What are you reading right now?

(I’m reading happy@work by Jim Donovan!)

Have a wonderful day!!


About JillKemerer

I write inspirational romance novels for Harlequin Love Inspired.

11 thoughts on “Release-a-rama! All About Love

  1. jessicarpatch says:

    Thanks for sharing about the novella, Jill! You rock! Big congrats on your release! So exciting. Still happy dancing for you. I think you look great in that bookstore with your book baby! 🙂

    • JillKemerer says:

      I’m SO excited about Audrey and Gabe’s story, Jess!! Woo-hoo!! Thank you! I got highlights in my hair the next day. Figures!!

  2. So excited for both of you!!! I have your book, Jill and can’t wait to read it and looking forward to Robin’s, er, Jessica’s book!

  3. JillKemerer says:

    Thank you so much, Pat!!

  4. dutchessofdorkville says:

    Congrats on getting published!
    You have every reason to be hopping for joy right now! Your hard work paid off, now celebrate!

  5. JillKemerer says:

    Thank you so much, dutchess! I appreciate it!!

  6. Liz Johnson says:

    Funny you should ask what I’m reading. I’m about to start your book, Jill! 🙂 I could not be more excited for you! And for Jess! I’ve got her novella downloaded and on my ereader, saving it for a flight later this month! Yay!

    • JillKemerer says:

      Aaaah! Thank you, Liz!! I hope you enjoy it. Doesn’t Jess’s book look great? I’m blessed to have read an early version. Loved it!!!

  7. It’s so fun to see your name on the cover of a book, Jill! I loved your story, and I look forward to reading more. 🙂

    I’m reading From the Start, by Melissa Tagg right now. And, when I get on the treadmill, I’m reading Yesterday’s Tomorrow, by Catherine West. Both books are very different from each other. And I’m enjoying each.:)

    Thanks for the words of encouragement to press on!

    • JillKemerer says:

      Thank you so much, Jeanne! I want to read Melissa’s book, too, but it will probably be in June! Thanks so much, and you’re too talented not to press on!!

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