Super Sleuth Wednesday: Photo Bombed

We live in the selfie age. The duck face age. The stay fierce age. Social media has not only created more ways to commit crime, but also to solve crime. Jimmy Fallon does a series of cool photo bombs where celebrities jump into a picture without the group knowing. But what we have here is a not a photo bomb…but a photo BOMB. A photo backfire.

For example, a young man robbed a church in southern California looting a laptop, watch, money, phone and wallet. I’m not really sure why someone took his watch off in church…unless this guy found it on the baptistry ledge. I dunno.

Guess how they caught the thief and note it in the comments. Whoever has the most right answers at the end of the month wins a book! The answer will be posted on FAN FRIDAY!

A: FACEBOOK–the thief’s girlfriend posted a selfie with him making the ‘stay fierce’ sign and he was wearing the stolen watch. Detectives investigating him for another robbery discovered the picture and made the arrest.

B: SELFIES— the thief took a selfie while commiting the crime and left his phone by accident in the church. Detectives found the phone and used the photo to identify and catch him.

c: TEXT–the thief texted a selfie (inside the church) to his friend on the stolen phone, but the owner of the phone had set it up to send all pictures straight to his iCloud. When he found the photo of the thief he took it to the police station and the detectives used it to catch the thief.



11 thoughts on “Super Sleuth Wednesday: Photo Bombed

  1. Janet B. says:

    C. Text, because the iCloud is catching thieves a lot.

  2. joaniebruce says:

    B. The police found the phone and were able to trace his picture and arrest him. 🙂

  3. Jodie Bailey says:

    I’m going with C. Seems like the guy would be cocky enough to do just that.

    • jessicarpatch says:

      Hey Jodie! Great guess! Thanks for playing. What is up with cocky criminials never got anywhere. Where’s a good Robin Hood when you need him? 🙂

  4. Lisa Stillman says:

    C because I think the victim would have to push to get the crime solved. Petty theft would probably not rate much time from the police department.

    • jessicarpatch says:

      Hi Lisa! Thanks for playing and great guess. Good possibility. Who knows maybe one of the cops attended church there if C is the answer.

  5. Liz Johnson says:

    I’m going to guess C as well.

    And I thought the same thing about a guy taking his watch off at church, Jess. Must have been getting baptized. 🙂

  6. That’s weird…I left a comment early this morning and it’s disappeared. lol Maybe we can make a case out of that. lol I said B.

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