Swooning Amid the Mundane: All About Love

The other night I had a few guest blog posts to write, and I’d already spent the day revising my manuscript. Between dinner, exercising (yes, I’m on a health kick waaahhh!) and homework help, I was beat. The dishes had piled in the sink and on the counter. It was my daughter’s turn to do them, but she had a massive chemistry test to study for, so I trudged into the kitchen and began unloading the dishwasher.


Romance Amid the Mundane


Less than a minute later, my husband took the glass out of my hand and told me he was doing them. I protested–rather weakly, I might add–but he insisted. I practically swooned.

Now that’s romance.

Sure, I love roses. I have never turned down chocolate, and I never will. But sometimes the most romantic moments are when you’re exhausted, overworked, stressed out and ready to collapse.

Sometimes romance is doing the dishes.

Hmm…maybe I’m onto something. What other mundane tasks spell romance?

For me it’s when my husband:

– Takes my car in for any reason. I’m allergic to car dealerships, oil change facilities and body shops.

– Takes me out to dinner. I cook most of our meals, so it’s always nice to have a break.

– Goes to the park with me to walk. I love nature! Walking with my husband is one of my favorite activities.

– Does the yard work.

– Fixes things around the house.

– Drives our son to baseball games and practices.

Yes, I have plenty of reasons to swoon amid the mundane. Here’s to all the little things that spell love!

What makes you swoon?

Have a terrific day!

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I write inspirational romance novels for Harlequin Love Inspired.

8 thoughts on “Swooning Amid the Mundane: All About Love

  1. Michelle Lim says:

    I love this post, Jill! I can so relate to that dish moment. A proud member of the mom-crazy-dish pile- club, seriously. Romance for me is the little things sometimes, too. A note on my windshield, taking the kids to the park so I can write, but my all time favorite is a rose in my mailbox.

  2. M. Weidenbenner says:

    Hi Jill, Great post. This is a great reminder of finding the swooning moments in our marriages too. We need to appreciate them like you did. When my husband does things for me I hold him and kiss him. Deeply. He loves those rewards, and maybe that’s why he continues to help me. He looks for ways to earn those passionate rewards. Ha! Even in fiction we love the heroes who go out of their way to help a damsel in distress. We swoon over them too!

    • JillKemerer says:

      Ooh, nice reward!! I consider that one a win-win! I agree–I always swoon over heroes in romance novels. 🙂 Thanks!!

  3. Little notes in my suitcase when I travel…and sometimes a surprise like money or an inexpensive piece of jewelry tucked in my suitcase. Little happys.

  4. kelly @kellyblackwell says:

    Oh I love the romance in the midst of the mundane. Last week I was typing away at my laptop. I stretched my legs out in order to have relief (getting a little crampy) and my husband took my feet and just massaged them. Sweet, sweet, sweet! 🙂

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