Music Monday: Creating a Killer Kiss

Today is all about Smoochic–kisses written to music! I need music to write. Well, I don’t need it but I love it. I want it. Especially when I’m building up to that first kiss. Sometimes the kiss comes in the middle of the book, sometimes earlier…and sometimes at the end. It just depends on the characters’ personalities and the plot development.

I just finished a third novella in a series. As I look back, I realize stark differences in my heroes therefore the kind of kiss and when the kiss comes is very different. The music I listened to packed a punch when creating these kisses. Not just the words but the feel of the music. A kiss is like playing out the notes in a song. It helps you visualize the scene like a movie in your head. In fact, many times as the song is playing, I close my eyes to write it. I want to feel the power of the music, taste the romance, and see every move they make as well as hear their thoughts and breaths. Then I go back later and read it without the music. I find all those same emotions I felt from the music translate onto the page. Readers may not hear the music…but they’ll feel it!

*These songs aren’t Christian songs but they aren’t bad songs either. Also, that doesn’t mean you can’t write a kiss to Christian lyrics because I have. But for these three stories, I chose the following because I like a wide variety of music:

In Hope Under Mistletoe, my hero is a bad boy. But he’s redeemable, as we all are. Interesting enough, the kiss isn’t initiated by him. But by my heroine. See, he knows if he starts…he won’t want to stop. It’s a powerful kiss, a heated kiss.I love this song because it’s a passionate even when it’s soft and slow…then it rises and dips again. Much like the kiss.

In Just the Way You Are, my hero is a passionate man, but he’s also a pastor. Which means he knows self-control, unlike my hero above. So the kiss comes with commitment. Can’t you just feel the eternal love in this song? AAAAH!

And in the third novella, More Than Words, my hero is well…not the greatest with words. In this first kiss, it’s all his feelings for the heroine mixed with the frustration of not being able to clearly communicate them in words and dusted with a little fear of falling in love and that in the end, she’ll leave him. But in this moment…she’s his.

If you’re a writer, care to share a particular song you used to write a kissing scene? If you don’t write to music, how do you go about writing a kissing scene? And readers, what book have you read lately that has a killer kissing scene?



10 thoughts on “Music Monday: Creating a Killer Kiss

  1. Wow. I’m just learning how to use music to write by and I love these songs. Kissing scenes are not the easiest for me to write–much easier to kill someone off. 🙂

  2. Michelle Lim says:

    Jessica, I absolutely love this! I use music to write, but I never thought of using music to create a kiss. I am so using this in the future!

    • jessicarpatch says:

      Yay! I’m glad you do! Let me know how the scene goes next time you write one to music. Can you tell a difference?

  3. bonnie navarro says:

    I love having music on in the background as I write. Lifehouse(You and Me), Three Doors Down (Here Without You) and Reik (Cuando Estas Conmigo) Spanish lyrics can be so romantic!) are some of my favorites when I’m trying to create that mood for ‘the kiss’ or ‘the proposal’.

    • jessicarpatch says:

      Those are good ones! I’ve never listened to Spanish music although I do love that ballad by Enrique Iglesisas. “I can be your hero, baby!” 🙂

      • bonnie navarro says:

        It’s part of being bi-lingual / bi-cultural. Spanish is a poetic language and they tend to be very expressive and affectionate so a lot of their love ballads are sweet enough to make you tear up!

  4. jessicarpatch says:

    Bonnie, do you listen to Spotify? If you have a playlist, I’d love to follow it! 🙂

    • bonnie navarro says:

      Nope. My daughter does but I don’t. I do listen to Pandora but I don’t know if you could share those somehow. If you are looking to listen to sweet ballads in Spanish here are a few names you may want to try: Reik, Camila (it’s a all guy band but they have a girl’s name – go figure), Ricardo Montaner, and one of my all time faves – Chayanne.
      My daughter introduced me to Parachute’s Forever and Always… I can’t listen to these lyrics w/o crying. (and I’m not a crier.) Of course if it comes on Pandora it normally stops my train of thought for a few minutes. It would be perfect for the ‘black moment’ scene.

      • jessicarpatch says:

        I love that song by Parachute! It’s on one of my playlists. I love that band period! Thanks for the recommendations. I jotted them down!

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