Super Sleuth Wednesday – On the Run

Before we jump into today’s mystery, did  you guess the right answer for Jessica’s Super Sleuth–A Pinch of Murder?

Remember the story? Grady Stile Jr. AKA Lobster Boy at the carnival was murdered. So who killed him and why? The answer is . . .

3. Sideshow performer, Chris Wyant. In need of some extra cash, he accepted $1500 from Grady’s first wife (Maria) who divorced him then remarried him and her stepson, Harry. The nineteen year old boy waited until Grady was well into his liquor and put three bullets into the back of his head.

photo by tome2013

photo by tome2013

On to our new mystery! On a cool December night in Denver, a police officer made what he probably thought was a routine traffic stop. He pulled over a green Lexus for a lane violation. Upon interviewing those inside the car, he discovered a young man named Andrew Blackman.

Blackman, who was sitting in the car’s back seat, grew nervous as the officer ran his name. He knew they’d find an active felony weapons warrant–one that would almost certainly mean an extradition to and jail time in Michigan. When the officer asked Blackman to step out of the car, he did. Then immediately took off running.

The police arrested the young man within several minutes. How did they get him?

Leave your guess in the comments section and remember that this month’s super sleuth will win a great Christian romantic suspense novel.

  1. He ran across the street, right into a passing car. Blackman received only minor injuries from the accident, but he was unable to continue running. The officer quickly apprehended him, and he was arrested.
  2. He ran down the street, hopped a fence, and landed in front of a police station. Surrounded by police officers, Blackman quickly surrendered and was promptly arrested.
  3. As he was running down the street, a German Shepherd began chasing him. The dog tried to bite Blackman, who was so afraid of it that he fell to the ground and curled up in a ball. The dog’s owner quickly put it on a leash, and the officer arrested Blackman.

How do you think the night played out?


4 thoughts on “Super Sleuth Wednesday – On the Run

  1. I believe he hopped a fence and ran into a police station. 2.

  2. joaniebruce says:

    Number 2, of course! What a stupid action……jumping into the police station parking lot. 🙂

  3. dtopliff says:

    I’ll go w/ #2, in front of a police stn.

  4. bonnie navarro says:

    I think he climbed the fence and fell into the police yard.

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