Start a Fire: Music Monday

Start a Fire

I listen to a lot of Christian contemporary music. One of my favorite songs right now is “Start a Fire” by Unspoken. It’s kind of a grown-up version of “This Little Light of Mine.”

Some days my light feels as if it’s under a bucket. You know–those days when you yawn seventy times within an hour of waking? Then you plod through your to-do list, barely listen to what your kid/parent/loved one is saying, make a mediocre dinner and collapse into bed before starting all over again? Yuck. How can any light shine through that?

The thing is…it does.

God sees things differently than we do.

God sees:

The smile you gave the stranger in the supermarket.

The patience you showed waiting on the phone with the doctor’s office.

The love that prodded you to whip up a mediocre meal when you had little time or energy to cook.

The prayer in your soul when you read a friend’s sad Facebook update.

The faithful way you go about your day.

Some days we’re going to be on autopilot. That’s okay! We don’t have to spend every day in a daze though. One thing that lights my fire? Daily prayer. I need it most when I have the least amount of time. Prayer eases my anxiety, reassures me I’m not alone, that I have help, that even imperfect, I’m enough. Spend time in prayer. Like the song says, “Light a fire in my soul, fan the flame, make it grow.”

Ask Got to light a fire in your soul. He listens, He cares, and He answers!

 Do you listen to Christian music on the radio? What’s your favorite song right now?

If not, give it a try!


About JillKemerer

I write inspirational romance novels for Harlequin Love Inspired.

11 thoughts on “Start a Fire: Music Monday

  1. […] Here’s the link: “Start a Fire: Music Monday.” […]

  2. jessicarpatch says:

    I love Unspoken!!!! I listen to a lot of Christian music. Kim Walker-Smith & Jesus Culture is my favorite.

  3. Michelle Lim says:

    Oh, I love this song! I think I listen to just about everything in terms of style. I love Christian music. Toby, Tomlin, Mandisa, Jamie Grace, Francesca Battistelli, and lots more. What a fun way to start the day.

    Oh, my son loves rap. Here is a new Christian Rap we love at our house:

  4. I listen to American Family Radio sometimes. Rarely listen to anything with words when I’m writing. 🙂

  5. JillKemerer says:

    I don’t listen to music when I’m writing, either, Patricia. It distracts me! But I love listening while I cook!

  6. Always a worshipper! I often post #SONGSonSUNDAYS with an invite to readers to link up their song or music post links, so quite a few selections to whet music appetites 🙂
    Spotify is a great way to go for up to the minute cuts plus albums. Make your own music playlists and enjoy your favs anytime – no waiting for a programmer to play yours 🙂

  7. Liz Johnson says:

    Thanks for the encouragement and reminder, Jill! God does see our hearts, even when our bodies are weary. I love that Unspoken song too! I listen to a lot of WAY-FM and The Fish (our local Christian radio station in Nashville) when I’m driving around town. One of my other newer favorite songs is Ellie Holcomb’s “The Broken Beautiful.” Love the message and her voice. It’s so unique. 🙂

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