Wednesday Super Sleuth Challenge: A Pinch of Murder

I’m a bit obsessed with carnivals and carnies in general. I see about nine bajillion story lines there and I’ve jotted a few. Carnivals are a mystery. The people, fascinating. The history of carnivals, rich.

Back in November of 1992, Grady Stile Jr. AKA Lobster Boy was murdered. Grady wasn’t a saint by any means. He entered into fights on a regular occasion. Married (twice) with four children, he was known for abusing them in drunken rages. He even murdered his daughter Donna’s boyfriend because he didn’t approve. However, because of his condition, ectrodactyly—which produces lobster like claws for hands and is hereditary—he didn’t do any prison time! What?!

So who killed Lobster Boy and why? Share your choice in the comments. Stay tuned next Wednesday to find out the right answer and join our next super sleuth challenge. Each month the sleuth with the most answers will be the winner of one of the latest Christian Romantic Suspense Novels.

  1.  Donna’s new boyfriend, Freddy Fire. Every day Grady taunted the fire-eating carnie with the knowledge he could easily kill him and get away with it, too. Afraid he might do it, and knowing that he regularly abused Donna, he took matters into his hands, crept into his living quarters and bashed him over the head, crushing his skull.
  2.  Glen Newman aka The Midget Man. Grady’s wife Teresa left him for Glen, a dwarf who also worked the carnie circuits. One hot night when Grady left his trailer door open because the air conditioning wasn’t working, he slipped inside and ran a sword right through the back of a ratty chair into his chest as revenge for abusing Teresa who remained afraid of Grady.
  3. Sideshow performer, Chris Wyant. In need of some extra cash, he accepted $1500 from Grady’s first wife (Maria) who divorced him then remarried him and her stepson, Harry. The nineteen year old boy waited until Grady was well into his liquor and put three bullets into the back of his head.

photo credit: freedigitalphotos/SergeBertasius


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Super Sleuth Challenge: A Pinch of Murder

  1. JillKemerer says:

    Well, when I hear “three bullets in the head,” I have to go with that one!! #3 it is!! I saw the latest American Horror Story revolves around a creepy 50s Carnival. Scary!!

  2. Marji Laine says:

    Fun story, Jessica! I’m going with Freddie Fire. He has the best motivation to act now as opposed to an earlier opportunity.

  3. I’m going with 3 as well. Great crime. And I like carnivals too!

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