Super Sleuth Challenge Answer – Forensics Brings A Family Closure

Photo by maxpate

Photo by maxpate

Happy Friday Super Sleuths!

Today we honor the memory of two amazing people who lost their lives. Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew. Forensics drew new attention to their case in 2009. Here is a reminder of the case details:

On a Saturday night in August of 1980 a 19-year-old Timothy Hack and his girlfriend Kelly Drew stopped at a wedding reception in Xionia, Wisconsin. The couple was planning to go to a carnival later in the evening.

Witnesses saw the young couple leave, but no one mentioned seeing them outside the reception hall. They never arrived at the carnival. They never made it home.

The next day the Police found the Timothy’s wallet locked in his car in the parking lot outside of the reception hall. They were found in a farmer’s field a few miles from the place where they were last seen.

Who do you think was responsible for the crime?

B. A known serial killer believed to be in the area at the time. (This is not the correct answer because at the time Ed Edwards was not a known serial killer. But in a tie breaker of the contest, this answer will tip in favor to a winner because it is mostly accurate.)

D. A local handyman who did work at the reception hall. Ed Edwards was questioned at the time and he had a bloody nose. When they questioned him about it, he said he hurt it deer hunting.

In 2009 when they questioned Edwards again after DNA evidence of the case was reviewed, he admited to having seen the couple that night. He also said he had never been deer hunting.

It may have been 30 years since the crime, but they finally caught the man who killed the couple. He had since been labeled The Sweetheart Killer.

For more on the case click here.

What solved cold case has surprised you?


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  1. Love that I was right. whoo-hoo!

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