3 Tips From Hawaii Five-O That Are Sidekicking Awesome Part 3

Photo by emily70427

Photo by emily70427

Steve and Dano from Hawaii Five-O spice up the screen with their unique relationship that has inspired the 3 Tips From Hawaii Five-O That Are Sidekicking Awesome series on my blog. There is so much that we can learn from them about building a sidekick relationship that our readers will love.

Tip #3 From Hawaii Five-O That Are Sidekicking Awesome Part 3 is inspired by this video clip:

Tip #3: Set the sidekick character to be on opposite sides of any issue to bring out the conflict and great dialogue.

*Set them up on opposite sides of major issues. When your sidekick character and lead go head to head over big issues it shows the different perspectives that will give readers a richer experience. It may even allow you to address some of the reader’s views that stack them opposing to the hero or heroine. These are issues that could cause a major rift in the relationship between the two characters.

*Set them up on opposite sides of a smaller issue. These can be stylistic issues on how to handle a suspect, an interrogation, the staff lounge, etc. These are things that matter to each character, but they won’t get it a huge fight over. It doesn’t have the power to split their friendship, but is higher on the annoyance scale in having to work with each other.

*Set them up on opposite sides of a nonissue.  These issues are trivial and mundane, but can be quite funny. For example, what channel to put the radio on, how you wear your hair, whether or not a person should get a tattoo. These are all trivial and great examples of fun sparing that shows character, but doesn’t have deep meaning.

 What is the goofiest thing you have seen people or characters argue about?



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2 thoughts on “3 Tips From Hawaii Five-O That Are Sidekicking Awesome Part 3

  1. dtopliff says:

    When new to Minnesota, I once insisted that Fargo was west of the Twin Cities while a local argued it was north. On checking a map, it’s northwest (embarrassing to insist on something so unimportant). My favorite example is Jonathan Swift’s in Gulliver’s Travels where they fought a war over which end of a soft boiled egg should be opened first, and the two warring sides were the “little endians” versus the “big endians.”

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