3 Tips From Hawaii Five-O That Are Sidekicking Awesome Part 2

Photo by coopgreg

Photo by coopgreg

Lately I’ve been watching the TV series Hawaii Five-O. Oh how much fun the relationship is between Steve and Dano as partners!

In 3 Tips From Hawaii Five-O That Are Sidekicking Awesome Part 1 we talked about the importance of arguments bringing humor and tension to make the sidekick relationship strong.

Today in 3 Tips From Hawaii Five-O That Are Sidekicking Awesome Part 2 we will explore an element of Steve and Dano’s relationship that makes us laugh and empathize at the same time. This same element can also add for a bit of suspense, knowing that something is going to happen.

Take a look at this clip:

Now let’s break it down.

Tip #2 Strong Sidekicks Set Each Other Up For Pitfalls.

A. Create a disagreement between the two characters on an issue that has practical implications. The big disagreement between Steve and Dano in this section is their friend’s ability to fly a helicopter.

B. Develop the reasoning for each character’s side on the issue. Show how both characters have a point. For example, Steve is trying to help his buddy achieve his dream. Nobel right? Dano gave the friend the money for the chopper figuring no one would let the guy have a license, but he wouldn’t have to hurt his friend’s feelings. Also kind.

C. Set up an absolute that they will wager or bet on. Dano doesn’t believe their buddy would ever get his license and will stand up for this view because he is right, or so he perceives.

D. Set The Snare. The Sidekick takes the absolute to the bank and sets a wager. Steve gets Dano to agree that if their friend gets his license he will go up on the first flight.

E. Pay Up. The other character is right and that makes the one who bet on a faulty absolute pay up in consequences. This creates all kinds of great poking fun, brotherly/sisterly love type of moments. More importantly, it makes us laugh. Dano has to eat his words and ride up in the helicopter.

Can you think of an example of a Sidekick Setting up their partner for pitfalls?




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2 thoughts on “3 Tips From Hawaii Five-O That Are Sidekicking Awesome Part 2

  1. I have to start watching that show! Great example.

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