2 Tips To Believably Show Relationship Depth Between Characters From Castle – Part 2


Photo by DoortenJ

Photo by DoortenJ

Castle is one of my favorite new, old series. By that I mean, I often wait until a series has a few seasons before watching it so I can watch the character arc. As I’ve been watching, I’ve picked up a few tips to show the depth of relationship between the characters without the strength of the romance showing through yet.

The first tip I shared earlier this week in Part 1 of this blog topic, when we looked at showing the depth of the fan craze Beckett has for Castle.

We laugh and secretly cheer as fate throws them together and yet they try so hard to keep things apart. Details like this play a huge role in establishing attraction and interest long before romantic sparks fly on the screen itself through a kiss or a date. This tip has given me great ideas to add into my own manuscript.

Now let’s take a sneak peak of another clip that gives us insight.

2 Tips To Believable Show Relationship Depth Between Characters From Castle – Part 2:

2. I Got Your Back Move. In the relationship between two characters, knowing that they have each other’s back and they trust each other to have their back is a sign of deep connection.

We especially see it when the other detective says he looks out for nermero uno and the Beckett promises to have Castle’s back and get him out of jail. Each of these moments show the depth of their relationship and how much the knowledge of the other having their back means to them.

This trick adds to the whole impression of depth in a relationship because it shows trust. Trust is required to show a deep relationship versus just a superficial one. It is a essential quality that can be easily shown through this technique.

Who do you know always has your character’s back? OR Who are your favorite examples of characters who have each other’s backs?


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One thought on “2 Tips To Believably Show Relationship Depth Between Characters From Castle – Part 2

  1. Great clips. This is a good series to study, both for character development and dialogue!

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