5 Tips To Make The Ordinary Extraordinary In Your Novel

Photo by acirilo

Photo by acirilo

Disney showed incredible brilliance with the Cars movies. They took something ordinary that boys all over the globe love, cars, and made it extraordinary. 

If that wasn’t enough, they once again have captured our hearts with Planes. A story about something simple kids love with an extraordinary dose of brilliance to make the story we love.

So you don’t have Disney shopping their ideas to you for your next novel? Let’s take a few tips from the pros and add a dose of brilliance to your novel.

5 Tips To Make The Ordinary Extraordinary In Your Novel:


1. Rich Story World. Think of all of the visually unique characters with brilliant colors that kids love.  Then the world created also gives a sense of who is on top of the world, which is important to this story, and who is on the bottom of the world…like a crop duster.

2. Clever Dialogue.  Great one liners are often said long after a movie has long since faded. One of my favorites from this movie is, “Oh for flying out loud.”

3. Add quirky. We all love characters with quirks that endear us to them. In this movie Dusty the plane is afraid of heights. We immediately empathize with him because he doesn’t even fit into what a plane is supposed to be.

4. An Underdog Facing An Insurmountable Challenge. A crop duster doesn’t even rate next to some of the planes designed for speed. Dusty is the natural underdog and it seems impossible to overcome, but he does and we love it. If Dusty can overcome, so can we.

5. Lovable Characters. We love Dusty because he thinks he can overcome, even though he fears flying. Other characters in the cast fill out unique personalities that have likable traits often enhanced with humor.

What strategies have you used or seen used to make the ordinary extraordinary?



About Michelle Lim

Author Michelle Lim is the Brainstorming/Huddle Coach with My Book Therapy Press and the Midwest Zone Director for American Christian Fiction Writers. Michelle’s romantic suspense is represented by Karen Solem of Spencillhill Associates and has gained contest recognition in the Frasier, the Genesis, and the Phoenix Rattler, winning the Genesis in 2015 for her genre. Michelle writes devotionals for The Christian Pulse Online Magazine and Putting On The New. Since her nonfiction book release, Idea Sparking: How To Brainstorm Conflict In Your Novel, through public speaking and online chats Michelle helps writers discover the revolutionary power of brainstorming to bring new life to their stories.

4 thoughts on “5 Tips To Make The Ordinary Extraordinary In Your Novel

  1. In my 2nd book, I have a sheriff who has panic attacks. 🙂

  2. Melissa Tagg says:

    Great tips, Michelle. I love that you included quirkyness…I always enjoy that. And dialogue–especially witty banter–is my favorite thing ever!! 🙂

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