National Grammar Day Contest

Photo by Fastfood

Photo by Fastfood

Today just for the fun of it, I am hosting a contest on the worst grammatical 50 words you can write about growing up in your home town. Here is mine:

As a girl I growed up in minnisota. we was fishing and swimming every years bye the first week of jun but that didn’ot mean it were warm it were often see your breathe in the evening in the boundary water still wes all love it any way

Write the worst grammatical “where I grew up” 50 words to enter a drawing for a free $10 Amazon gift card. Ready, Set, Write….


About Michelle Lim

Author Michelle Lim is the Brainstorming/Huddle Coach with My Book Therapy Press and the Midwest Zone Director for American Christian Fiction Writers. Michelle’s romantic suspense is represented by Karen Solem of Spencillhill Associates and has gained contest recognition in the Frasier, the Genesis, and the Phoenix Rattler, winning the Genesis in 2015 for her genre. Michelle writes devotionals for The Christian Pulse Online Magazine and Putting On The New. Since her nonfiction book release, Idea Sparking: How To Brainstorm Conflict In Your Novel, through public speaking and online chats Michelle helps writers discover the revolutionary power of brainstorming to bring new life to their stories.

6 thoughts on “National Grammar Day Contest

  1. dtopliff says:

    I gru up by a bigg rivver whar onne erly spring hi watter brok the flud dyke tel fishh swaum threw houses. Schul clazzes stoppt und terned inter redd crox plazes whar people sleptd and everbodi gut tyfoid shotz. Polis kept outsiderz out bute hepped us trafel streetz in roebotz.

  2. Elizabeth Bohan says:

    Aint it purty how them flours just perk right up out of da ground in the spring. Now you know it no never minds that it was just a frozne ground onliest one month befour. How flours come up like that frum darkest coldest winter dirt (aint it a hoot !)

  3. delialatham says:

    Weedpatch, Californy ain’t rilly a patcha weeds. It’s a lil spot in the road right near Bakersfill. Gots lots o’ aggerculcher and plinny work fer farmin folk. I growed up ‘roun grape vinnerds and cotton fields. Us young uns’d run from shade to shade, tryin’a keep ar pore, bear feets from catchin’ on far!

  4. Michelle Lim says:

    All of the enteries here were fabulous! This time’s winner is Delores… Congratulations! I will email your gift card in the next few days.

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